LinkedIn is an important channel for entrepreneurs and businesses to generate new leads and sales. You can publicize a new or successful project. It is also a suitable tool for finding new employees for your company.

It is not for nothing that LinkedIn has therefore become so popular in the business market in recent years. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 and since then has experienced explosive growth. By 2021, there were more than 750 million users worldwide. In the Netherlands there are about 5 million.

Research shows that around half of the users check and keep up with LinkedIn twice a week.

It is a valuable media channel to get more out of your company or yourself.

But how do you do it?

LinkedIn marketing means using LinkedIn as a channel to gather leads, connections, brand awareness and website visitors. You can do that by sharing content and knowledge within a certain industry.

How do you use marketing via LinkedIn and how do you become successful? We give you six LinkedIn marketing tips.

1. Optimise your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page

You start with a personal profile on LinkedIn but it is also important to have your company page up and running. So make sure that both your personal profile and your company page are up to date. Here are a few tips:

  • The default url of a LinkedIn profile contains a lot of numbers. You can change that and make the url more user-friendly and easier to share.
  • Add a good profile picture, often a logo of your company. In addition, make sure you have an attractive cover photo that stands out. You can use Canva to customize the cover photo and there are plenty of (free) designs available.
  • Fill out your overview page and optimize it properly. For example, you can fill in all sorts of things at ‘edit page’, such as a text about your company, the industry in which you are active and the size of your company.
  • Expand your company page by inviting people to follow your page. This way you get a larger group in your network. You can also place plugins from LinkedIn on your website for more interaction. Through the statistics you can see who comes to your site, including demographic data.
  • Publish posts and articles. This way you keep your followers informed of developments, but you also become more visible to others with good articles.
  • The SEO with which you optimize your website can be used for your LinkedIn articles. That way you will be found even better.
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2. Join LinkedIn groups and communities

On LinkedIn there are thousands of groups and communitieswith specific topics, from successful business to groups with technologists and engineers.ish topics. You can think of anything you like.

You can join such a group and then participate in discussions. It makes you more visible to the other community members and chances are they will contact you. Some LinkedIn groups have more than 100,000 members!

It’s a great way to share knowledge, connect with customers and network with industry peers.

Make sure you don’t promote a product or service too actively because that’s usually not appreciated on LinkedIn. The main goal is to make a valuable contribution to the conversations and discussions. And let people know what you can contribute and what your expertise is.

3. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertisements are a common marketing tool to attract customers or generate attention for a service.

For example, you can choose text ads to drive traffic to your company’s pages. Text ads have a maximum space of 25 characters for a title and 75 for a description.

Another option is to use sponsored content ads. These show up as posts in users’ feeds that say “sponsored.

A third option is sponsored InMail ads. You can send messages directly to your customers’ InMail accounts.

You can, of course, create ads yourself, but it’s a profession and there are also good agencies that specialize in this kind of thing.

4. Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page

A LinkedIn showcase page is completely dedicated to a product, brand, service or target audience. These are always linked to a company page, but have specific content and their own followers.

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This allows you to better cater to the preferences and interests of the target audience.

5. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator features a set of search capabilities, improved visibility in extended networks and personalized algorithms. It offers many features aimed at finding the right leads to build relationships with.

Customers can be targeted in a much more personal way, such as with discounts, personalized content and offers. It is a great way to find leads and improve your sales.

The tool has around twenty filters you can apply to your searches, from company to age and industry to location.

6. Use hashtags and mentions

The algorithms also do their job on LinkedIn. So if you tag someone using @, chances are they will see your post in their feed. This will put you in the picture with that person’s network.

Using hashtags is also possible with LinkedIn posts or articles. It is less common than, say, on Instagram, but many people use them. You can set three hashtags on LinkedIn.


If you are going to use LinkedIn for marketing your company or business, you have many opportunities to better promote yourself and you will gain an extensive network with valuable connections.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that it really is a business community. That’s the big difference with social media channels like Facebook and Twitter that people use for fun or entertainment.

Especially for companies and entrepreneurs LinkedIn is a valuable addition to their marketing resources. It’s (partly) free and when you use it in the right way, LinkedIn is a channel that not only drives more traffic to your website or attracts leads, but also allows you to showcase yourself as an expert in your industry.

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Do know that LinkedIn branding is something of the long haul. Regularly improve your LinkedIn account, polish it up, post messages and experiment with something new.

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