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On November 19th, 2008 Kyle Eslick of WPhacks.com published a blog post where he offered the domain names WordPressTavern.com and WPTavern.com for sale to his audience first. The domains were then put up for sale on several sites, but no one bought them.

Jeff Chandler contacted Kyle regarding the domains in December of 2008 and found out they were still available. After acquiring the domains in 2008, WPTavern was launched on January 23rd, 2009.

On June 8, 2011 Jeff Chandler announced that a new owner had purchased the site. After the purchase, one of the conditions was that all advertising must be removed.

It wasn’t until May 20th, 2013 when everyone was informed as to who the new owner was. Matt Mullenweg was the new owner. It’s important to note that Jeff Chandler was hired as an employee for Audrey.co, Matt Mullenweg’s personal research and investment company with the primary duty of creating and managing content on WPTavern.

Since then, the Tavern has added more contributing writers to provide a wider spectrum of coverage.

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