. WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin, but it’s not free. To use this plugin, you’ll have to pay $49 or $37 every year (if WP Rocket has organized a discount) or more than this if you buy the plugin’s Plus or Infinite plan. WP Rocket is not sold at a discount price often. Despite being a paid plugin, WP Rocket is used on 1500k+ websites. WP Rocket is a popular plugin. WP Rocket is popular because it can speed up website loading times and optimize core web vitals parameters. If you’re unable to purchase the plugin or you are looking for free alternatives to the WP Rocket WordPress plugin to optimize your website, you can use the plugins I’ve shared below:

WP Alternative alternative to optimize core web vitals score

Jetpack Boost

jetpack boost

Jetpack Boost is one of the newest caching plugins. The Jetpack plugin’s developers and the XWP team launched it last month. It can generate critical CSS in a matter of seconds and embed it automatically in your WP header. Critical CSS is a key feature of WP Rocket. Jetpack Boost can generate the critical CSS for free. Log in to your WordPress account to use Jetpack Boost. You must not block access to the file xmlrpc.php.



Autoptimze is a great plugin to combine/concatenate JavaScript or CSS files. The plugin can also minify files to create smaller files. Minification is a process that removes unnecessary code and white spaces from JS/CSS files. Autoptimize will keep a list of files in a cache and refresh them periodically to ensure that your WP website’s code is up-to-date. Autoptimize can also minify the HTML code of the page, optimize Google Fonts, defer loading of JS/CSS files, etc.

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WP Super Cache

wp super cache

WP Super Cache is a page caching plugin with minimum settings. When you enable the plugin’s page caching feature, WP Super Cache will save the copy of the page requested by the visitor and will serve it instead of handing over the request to the webserver. The PHP interpreter will recreate the page from scratch using the web server. It will run SQL queries to retrieve data from the WordPress database tables.

LiteSpeed Cache

litespeed cache

LiteSpeed cache has many options. The plugin was developed by the developers for LiteSpeed, but it works with many popular web servers like Apache, Nginx, and others. It can generate the critical CSS needed for a website, and it can also cache the page. It can combine CSS and JS files and load them asynchronously. The LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin supports opcode caching and features a DB cleaner. Before using Jetpack Boost, I had tried the LiteSpeed Cache plugin’s critical CSS generator tool. Jetpack Boost was unable to generate the critical CSS I needed so I switched.

W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache

W3TC is a feature-rich WP Rocket alternative plugin but configuring it can be a headache. W3 Total Cache supports many popular caching solutions, including Redis, Memcached and WinCache. It can also minify CSS/JS files. It can delay the loading of non-critical CSS/JS codes and lazy load images. One of the few plugins that allows users to specify the cache location (memory, disk) W3TC supports Google AMP.


PhastPress is one of the simplest and most powerful caching/website speed optimization plugins. It can create and inline critical CSS/JS and load non-critical CSS/JS automatically. For better performance, the plugin can also inline Google Font CSS. Unlike W3TC, PhastPress doesn’t have a lot of settings. The options can be grouped into three sections: Plugin, Images, and HTML/CSS/JS. Each option comes with a toggle option that allows you to disable or enable the feature. This plugin is new and free.

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Asset CleanUp

asset cleanup

The Asset CleanUp plugin has many performance optimization options along with an explanation of how the option will help in improving the website speed. It will also check the page and inform you if the option must be activated. If your website pages are being served via HTTP/2 protocol and you open the “Optimize JavaScript tab”, the Asset CleanUp plugin will display a message saying that you don’t need to activate the JSminification option. The plugin allows you to preload local fonts for your website. Asset CleanUp plugin also provides an option to combine multiple Google Font requests into one request. A “Test Mode” allows you to check the optimizations before using the settings on a live site.