We have a great thread in the forum that was started by Kit .. It’s simple. How do you know you’re a WordPress addict? ? Your job is to fill out the blanks. Many people have already admitted to being WordPress Addicts. Some users responded with multiple statements. Here’s a sample of what we have:

You know you are a WordPress addict when a website you visit is viewed from its source.

You notice a problem in your daily life and wonder whether there is a solution.

You can name 10 active tickets using trac from the top of your head. Extra points if they’re debated.

Firefox reports that WordPress.org, Weblog Tools Collection and Ma.tt are your most popular sites. WP Tavern, Lorelle on WordPress, WP Tavern and any other WordPress theme developers have been cited as the top three.

Look at a site that looks great and then look for the small smiley face on most WordPress sites.

Don’t let this thread stop here. Jump in to start naming some examples of what it takes for you to become an addict to WordPress.

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