*. Due to the high hosting renewal costs or the poor performance of your server, you might like to move to a different host. Website migrations can be time-consuming. They can also be time-consuming. You must back up your entire website, Nginx/Apache configuration files and website root directory before you can move it from one server to the next. You will then need to compress the folder containing all website assets and transfer the zip/tar gzip file over an SFTP connection or with an FTP client. After you have moved the file, install the web server and database server. Then, replace the config files in the archive file. These tasks may seem daunting, so I have shared the WordPress migration plugins.

. The plugins create a backup and can restore your files on-demand. After your data has been moved you can simply change the nameservers on the domain administration interface to check that your website is functioning as it should.

Best WP migration plugins

All in One WP Migration

All In One WordPress Migration

The All In One WP Migration plugin has three options – Export, Import, and Backups. The export option enables you to export the database tables of your choice to one of the following:

  • File, Google Drive, Amazon S3.
  • Digital Ocean, PCloud, OneDrive.
  • Box, Mega, Google Drive, S3 client, etc.

Only the file option is free. After your backup file has been created, you will need to download it to your computer. Next, install the plugin on your new host and use its Import option. You can import data from an exported file using the import option. Drag the file to the “Import” page.

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. If you wish to transfer the website from cloud services to another server, without downloading anything, the extension S3, Mega, DigitalOcean etc should be purchased. Click the backup option to see the list with all the files that you have exported. You can also create a complete backup of your site. AIO WP Migration allows users to replace text in the database table with other text.



Duplicator is a good alternative to the above plugin. It supports third-party services, but you will need to pay money to use them. Duplicator comes with a wizard tool which allows you to select database tables and exclude files. After you select the files, the plugin will create the package.

.Duplicator allows you to modify the package name or change the archive engine. You can choose which SQL script you want to use for the plugin and also change the location in which the archived files must be saved. If you’re using Apache web-server, Duplicator will create a .htaccess file in the folder where it is saving backups/files. This plugin can be configured to not create the.htaccess file.

WP Staging

Wp Staging

Although this plugin allows you to create staging sites, it has the option to dump the staging site data to a JSON file and restore the same. This plugin can be used to migrate websites. To make sure that the script of this plugin doesn’t consume a huge amount of system resources, WP Staging lets you configure the following settings:

  • DB Copy query limit, search and replace limit.
  • File copy limit, max file size, CPU load priority, etc.
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This plugin can automatically transfer your entire website with a few clicks of a button. Install WPVivid and create a “key” to use this feature. After creating a key, copy it and paste it into the text box on the “Auto-Migration” page. If you wish WPV only to migrate the database, select the “Only Database” option. Otherwise, leave the options below the text area unaffected. You can back up your database to popular cloud storage services free of charge with this plugin. WPVivid provides an option to delete the files it has saved on the server.

. The popular plugins Backup Guard and Migrate Guru didn’t work for me when I tried them. Migrate Guru displayed a form for entering the email address, and an image showing a list with hosts. Nothing happened when I entered my email ID and clicked on the Migrate/Submit button. Back-Up Guard gave me an “undefined error” when I clicked on “Backup”. When you open the settings page, the plugin opens a popup asking you to sign up for the newsletter.

What do the WordPress migration plugins do?

The plugins execute Linux commands such as zip, gunzip, mysqldump, tar -cvzf, tar -xvzf, sftp, rm -rf, etc.

Should you use the plugin or not?

Popular web hosting companies such as Siteground, WP Engine, CloudWays, etc have launched a custom-built WordPress migration plugin. Several shared and VPS hosting companies offer free website migration services. If you do not want anyone else to have access to your website or server, I recommend one of the plugins that I shared.

Note: The larger the website is, the longer the plugin will consume system resources. If you have several hundred pages or posts on your website, it is important to check with the host if they allow you to use migration plugins. This is especially true if you plan to continue using the host for any other work. The hosting company may ban or suspend you account if you do not comply.

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