Hot on the heels WordPress MU 27 , BuddyPress 1.0 beta 2 was released to the general public. Andy claims that there are hundreds of bugs fixed since Beta 1 and most of them being addressed by the community.

We are still in beta, so please continue to test the beta. Bugs should be reported on the BuddyPress Trac server, but you can also discuss potential issues with other users on the BuddyPress forums.

This beta is three days behind schedule. WordPress MU 2.7 was published yesterday. It made more sense to align the release schedules to avoid compatibility issues. The February 12th release of 1.0 will take place exactly two weeks after today.

I’m happy to see that BuddyPress MU and WordPress MU seem to be synchronizing releases with It will be easier for users to use the software if everything is on the same page.