If you want to build a new website, you cannot ignore ThemeForest. It is the world’s largest marketplace for website themes. You can choose from thousands of professional templates, that you can buy for about fifty to sixty Euros.

If you are going to build a website, you will need a website theme in addition to the WordPress software. It is a collection of files with which you determine the design (layout, colors, fonts) of your website and add extra features, such as a slider for images.

ThemeForest has thousands of such themes or templates for sale, divided into categories. You can buy a theme for a blog or a magazine, for online courses or a web shop. There are themes specifically for creating a community or for a database website. Too much to mention.

Where do you start on ThemeForest?

If you are going to build a new website and you go to ThemeForest, you will soon start to get dizzy. Where do I start? But I will help you on your way You can for instance search for a specific theme in the search bar. For example a website for ‘hairdressers’. If you enter that, you’ll be presented with a number of websites specifically intended for hairdressers.

Another way to access the site is to go to ‘Popular Items’ in the navigation bar of ‘WordPress’.

This will take you to a page with ThemeForest’s best selling themes, listed in order. It’s a good choice, because here are the themes that have been selling well for years. And that means they are popular, work well and have good support.

The Avada WordPress theme has been number 1 best selling WordPress theme for years. Sometimes with 10.000 sales per month. After that it’s a tie between the other themes, like Bridge WordPress theme and The7 WordPress theme (for your information: WPjournalist has the latter theme). These themes are also popular and just as good, but are sold considerably less.

If you click on one of the website themes, you will get an overview of what a theme can do. If we go to the The7 WordPress theme, for example, you’ll see a long list of features and functions. It is a so-called multipurpose theme and that means that it has several functions: you can use it as <a href=”https://wpjournalist.nl/recommends/webshop/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>webshop, to give online courses or as a company website.

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I have written an overview of the best themes of the moment: My personal TOP 8 of best ThemeForest premium WordPress themes

Picking a website theme

Finding a theme that suits your business, service or organization can be quite difficult. Take your time and study the possibilities of the theme and what you want to achieve with it. Read more about this in Buying a WordPress template, what to look for. You are stuck with such a template for years. Of course, after a few years you can decide to use another theme, but it is good not to decide overnight.

Costs of ThemeForest

One of the advantages of ThemeForest is that you can buy a website for about 50 to 60 Euros. You then have a license to use the theme for 1 website. This license is valid for life, so you pay once the amount and you don’t have to renew it every year.

In addition, you get six months of support from the makers of the theme. This means you can contact them if you have questions about the functions, how things work and any adjustments to the website. There is quite some difference between the support of the themes. Some creators limit themselves to asking how the theme works, but there are also support departments that will help you customize a website with codices. Take a look at the reviews and also at the ‘Support’ tab to see what they have to offer.

After half a year you have the possibility to extend the support with another (half) year. You often pay a few tenners for this extension.

Besides the support department, most website theme creators have a manual or video explaining how to install the theme in WordPress, what functions are available and how to update the theme, for example.

ThemeForest in practice

Is it difficult to build a website with a ThemeForest theme? That is a difficult question, because some people pick it up faster than others. The good thing is that you do not need to know codes (html or css or javascript). In the early days of WordPress you had to be a nerd to understand the WordPress language.

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Almost all themes from ThemeForest work with a page builder. This means that you build your website with blocks. Each block has a certain function. There is a block for text, a block for an image, a block for a quote or a contact form. With all these blocks you can build your own page.

To make it even easier, themes often have website demos with a certain layout or for a certain industry. For example, the Bridge WordPress theme has several hundred demos: from a plumber to a coach, from online courses to a forum website. Your beautiful thing is that you don’t have to start from scratch eBut you can install the demo and then you have a ready-made website with a specific subject.

The website will still be full of lorem ipsum language and you’ll have to think of and fill in the texts yourself. But it’s more of a fill-in-the-blank exercise and that makes building a website a lot easier. You can also ‘drag’ the blocks to another position on the website.

It may seem easy to build a website now, but you really need to put in some time to get the hang of it. And maybe you have some feeling with building ‘kits’. Because that’s what it is in fact. It’s all about the little steps you take to create a beautiful website.

More from ThemeForest

Let’s go back to the tabs (outlined in red) that fall under ThemeForest. Under ‘WordPress’ you see an overview of all kinds of websites. But ThemeForest offers much more. Under ‘Marketing’ you can for instance buy landing pages, under ‘eCommerce’ you can choose from different systems for web shops and there are thousands of plugins for sale. I wrote an article about that: These are my 5 favorite CodeCanyon WordPress plugins

Updating ThemeForest theme

Once you have purchased and installed a theme on your website, it is important to be able to update it. The creators of the theme regularly come out with updates to the theme. The moment this is the case, you will get a notification about it.

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Now some website makers have integrated the update of the theme in the theme options (here you can make adjustments to the theme). With one click you can update your theme.

But not all developers offer this possibility. You have to download the update from ThemeForest and reinstall it in your website. This is very time-consuming and that was the reason for Envato Market, the umbrella organization behind ThemeForest, to make a plugin available to facilitate this updating process. You can read more about it in Updating ThemeForest themes with the Envato Market WordPress plugin.

More from Envato Market

I already mentioned Envato Market briefly, it is the parent company behind ThemeForest.

The top tab with ‘Code’, ‘Video’, ‘Audio’, ‘Graphics’, ‘Photos’ and ‘3D Files’ offers even more tools for your website. You can buy videos, music clips, images and much more from Envato. It’s like a candy store: a toolbox with all kinds of things to build and develop your website :).

You might consider subscribing to Envato Elements: for a fixed monthly fee you can make unlimited use of all the elements (video, photos, music) you need to build a website. All elements you use, you can continue to use after the subscription ends.


If you want to build a website with WordPress, ThemeForest (and by extension Envato Market) is a perfect starting point.

Apart from affordable and very professional website themes you can find ThemeForest is the place to go for a total package to build or boost your website.

ThemeForest is by far the largest market place for websites in the world. Fortunately, the competition keeps them on their toes, because there certainly are competitors. There are competitors such as TemplateMonster, which also offers a large selection, but there are also smaller suppliers of themes, such as Elegant themes. There you have less choice, but it is more personal and less grand.

Well, what keeps you from taking a look at ThemeForest?