Welcome to the first installment in a new series that I will be starting here at WPTavern, Ask Jeff. Here I will answer a question that someone in the WPTavern community has asked me. The first question is from community member, hallsofmontezuma.

What Are the Chances WPTavern Makes It Into The Dashboard

The short answer is that there are very few. This is because I intend to monetize this website in the near future and advertisers who are willing to pay for advertising may not be fully compliant with the GPL. If I display advertising on this website for items that may not comply with the GPL, it is not necessary to include this site in my dashboard.

To make the dashboard more useful for WPTavern, I would need to be able to assign a specific blog category to the dashboard. The entire blog would be added to the dashboard, which would severely limit the content that I can publish.

While being in the dashboard is an awesome experience and will certainly increase traffic, the cons far outweigh any pros.