WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress e-shop creation plugin and also one of the most used ways to create an e-commerce website worldwide. With this fantastic plugin it is possible to create a complete online store and sell your products on the internet through a very intuitive and easy to manage environment.

Starting a virtual business and being able to sell your products is the dream of many entrepreneurs, but there can be numerous challenges that interfere with the experience of establishing a successful business on the Internet. At first glance, it can seem very complicated to set up an online store, but it is important not to give up.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce platform developed for WordPress that can be easily installed as a plugin.

WooCommerce was started in 2008 from the idea of 3 employees of Automattic (the company responsible for WordPress) and today has a multidisciplinary development team consisting of developers, designers and marketing, all to make WooCommerce even better.

Benefits of WooCommerce

WooCommerce has several interesting features and is packed with important tools that help you create and manage a complete and dynamic online store. The reasons to use WordPress together with this plugin are numerous, as we will see below:

Easy management

Fully functional, WooCommerce is a tool with numerous qualities, including the easy management of resources. In WooCommerce, everything is done through the administration panel, adding a product is something very simple, and managing your sales is even simpler.

So if you want a simple e-commerce, easy to handle, WooCommerce is the ideal solution. Moreover, it is very light, and works quickly within WordPress.

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Efficient total control

For users, the biggest challenge of an e-commerce is to control everything, such as registering products or managing sales. In this regard, WooCommerce allows smart and efficient control of all the resources offered, such as adding new plugins, managing products, changing or registering prices, selecting payment methods and checking orders that have not yet been shipped.

Best of all, all changes can be done from the WooCommerce administration panel, without complex coding.

Different payment options

Offering different payment methods can make your business more flexible, and best of all, customers will be more satisfied with it. As such, WooCommerce has the ability to select multiple payment methods to integrate with your online store.

In WooCommerce, this integration is very easy, without time-consuming bureaucracy. This is one of the main positives of the platform.


In this article we have presented the main advantages of using WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin on the Internet. Given this, it is clear how many benefits we can get from WooCommerce. With the above informatie it is possible to create an online store and start selling. All you need is a WooCommerce hosting to enjoy the benefits of this platform.