*Want to register a domain name cheaply? Are you looking for an affordable web hosting provider ? Dynadot could be the answer.

Dynadot is an internet company that was founded in 2002. It is an ICANN approved registrar that provides the following three services:

  • Domain registration.
  • SSL certificates.
  • Email Hosting.
  • Web hosting.

Dynadot review

Getting started

Registering a new domain name is easy with Dynadot. Registering a new domain name with Dynadot is easy. Next, click on the search button.

. If a domain name is available for purchase you will see a message saying “The domain is available”. The pricing information will also be displayed. Dynadot can display alternative domain names that you could register if the DN isn’t available for purchase. DN is the cheapest domain registrar. Like Namesilo, it charges only $6. 99 for new .com domain registration & $7. 99 to $90 for renewing domain names. Here’s the pricing of popular TLDs on Dynadot:

Extension Price in USD
.com 6.99
.org 8.99
.net 5.99
.co 10.99
.xyz 0.99
.me 5. 88

Once you buy a DN and log in to your account, you can manage renewals, nameservers, etc. Dynadot allows users to enable privacy for their domain. This feature can be enabled by clicking the toggle button. It will hide your phone number and address from whois search results.

Dynadot review

Why should you opt for domain privacy?

If your whois details are public, marketing professionals will call you to sell a service, product, etc. To get your email address from Whois, they will use a website scraping tool. The Whois information can be hidden so that only the domain owner or the registrar knows the contact details.

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Supported extensions

Apart from .com, you can register over 50 types of domains with Dynadot. You can search for a domain name on Dynadot to see a list of domains with the same ending and all supported extensions.

SSL Certificates

Apart from registering a domain name, Dynadot enables users to purchase SSL certificates. The domain registrar is selling a normal SSL certificate for $17 and wild card certificates for $80. The certificates employ a 256-bit encryption algorithm. They are detected by 99% of browsers. GlobalSign has been contracted by the domain name registrar to issue SSL certificates.

Dynadot VPS hosting

Dynadot is one of the cheapest VPS hosting service providers in the world. The company’s VPS plan is priced at $10. The cheapest plan offers a server with 1GB RAM, 10GB storage memory, and a single-core processor. The promised bandwidth and uptime for this plan are 1TB and 99.9%. The servers are available to all users with full root access. They are allowed to choose one of the following operating systems and software:

  • Centos, Ubuntu.
  • Sentora, ZPanel.

Dynadot provides a cool 20% discount to users who buy the annual VPS plan. The VPS servers run on the Intel Xeon processor. Dynadot assigns an IPV6 address automatically to the server once the customer has purchased a plan. The customer can also install WordPress content management system by clicking a single button.

Email Hosting

Dynadot offers a single email hosting plan that is priced at $15.99. Users enjoy 99.9% uptime and up to 30MB of storage memory. Dynadot provides an FTP username that allows them to log in to their server.

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Free website builder

Dynadot offers 4 website builder plans – Free, Basic, Pro, Business. Users can publish one mobile-friendly webpage with the free plan. This plan allows users to connect their domain and email address to one page. Priced at $10 per year, the Basic plan of Dynadot enables users to publish up to 5 pages. The Basic plan includes 5 email addresses, as well as the blog feature. The Pro and Business plans of Dynadot cost $30 and $100 per year. You can add custom CSS/JS to any page and have unlimited access to the SEO tools. The Business plan lets users launch an online store with as many products and as many pages as they wish. It supports custom favicons and SMTP. Dynadot ads will be displayed on sites that use the Basic and Free plans. Advertisements will not be displayed on websites that use the Pro and Business plans.


Dynadot gives users access to a marketplace where users can buy or sell expired/live domain names. You must have a Dynadot Account to purchase the domains listed on the marketplace. Participating in the auction is also recommended by placing a bid.

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Dynadot provides email and chat-based support to customers. You can reach the support team at any time of the day, just like other web hosting companies. DN gives you access the forum, where you can ask questions.

Supported payment methods

DN accepts payments with credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, etc.

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Final thoughts

Dynadot offers cheap domain registration, VPS, and email hosting service. You can also purchase SSL certificates at a reasonable price. Dynadot can help you register your domain if you don’t like the prices of other registrars. The company is not as popular as NameSilo, NameCheap, or Godaddy but it’s worth trying out because of the cheap plans.