*. The lightbox gallery feature is not available in WordPress’ content management system. The image will be displayed in either a new tab, or the current tab. The image may be opened in the same tab as the current tab. If this happens, the visitor might close the tab and instead of clicking the browser’s back button. You can prevent the visitor from leaving the page by using a plugin. This plugin either displays the photo in an overlay or adds this functionality to the site.

. If your site is ranking well in search engines, it may be a good idea to not change its theme. A plugin is the best choice in this situation. Envira is one of the most popular gallery plugins for WordPress CMS. Envira has been used on over 2 million websites. It has been built by the developer of the popular email opt-in plugin OptinMonster.


Envira can be used for free or by activating a subscription plan. The plugin’s free version has no advertisements and basic features. It does not support add-ons. The price of the premium edition of Envira starts at $29. Let’s take a look at the Envira addons before we go.

What are Envira add-ons?

Envira supports customization with add-ons. All you need to do is enable the addon that interests you. If you want to add pagination systems to your gallery, you will need to enable the “Pagination” addon.

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Envira gallery plans and pricing

The plugin offers four plans – Lite, Plus, Pro, and Agency. You can add ons to Envira depending on which plan you are currently using. Agency, priced at $299 is the most expensive plan and Lite is the cheapest plan. The Lite subscription plan costs just $29.

. Each plan allows you to create unlimited galleries, but they are not the same. The Agency and Pro plans have the same features, but the pricing is different. Another difference between the plans is the amount of sites you can use them on.

. The Lite plan allows you to use the plugin on one site and includes 8 premium add-ons. You can use the plugin on up to three sites with the Plus plan. It gives you access to several premium add-ons (18+). If you buy the Pro plan, you can use Envira on 25+ sites. All Envira add-ons will be available to you. Unlimited websites are supported by the Agency plan.

How to use the Envira Gallery plugin?

Envira Gallery

Creating a gallery with Envira is easy. After downloading the plugin, activate it. On the WordPress dashboard sidebar, you’ll see a new option called “Envira”. Click the “Add new link” button by hovering your mouse over this option. The screen will now display a form. You’ll see a upload area on the form. Below that area you will find many gallery customization options. Fill out the form and then click the “Publish” button. After your gallery is created, copy the shortcode and paste it into the post you wish the gallery to appear.

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The options are divided into the following categories:

  • Gallery, config, lightbox.
  • Mobile, videos, social.
  • Tags, pagination, misc.

Envira features and add-ons

Envira allows users to re-arrange the photos in the gallery by dragging them to the position of their choice. You can create mobile-friendly galleries with it. Envira allows users to enable/disable lightbox functionality for galleries. You can set the image size and position for the captions. Envira ships with several lightbox templates. You can specify how many columns you want for your gallery, and enable lazy loading. Envira can be configured to automatically load images after N milliseconds. It will also animate the gallery briefly when the user is near it. Envira can display the EXIF information for the image and the sort order you specify when creating a gallery.

.Enviro supports many types of paginations. When the user scrolls down, it can display all remaining photos in the gallery. A “More!” button can be displayed below the gallery. The images will be displayed when the user clicks on the button. This plugin allows you to import photos from Dropbox cloud storage and Instagram. This plugin allows you to block unauthorized access to galleries as well as tag/watermark images.

Some sites display social sharing buttons when you hover the mouse cursor over a gallery. This feature can be added to your website via Envira using the Social Addon. Envira allows you to access an addon called Slideshow that displays images sequentially or when users click on the play button. You can adjust the speed of slide/image change.

Envira Gallery Demo

The plugin lets you activate the “ZIP” addon which allows users to choose zip files containing photos instead of selecting individual images. After the file is uploaded, the plugin will extract it so you can use the images from your gallery.

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Other add-ons offered by the Envira WordPress plugins are:

  • WooCommerce addon.
  • Zoom, Schedule, Videos addon.
  • Supersize lightbox images addon.
  • NextGen importer, etc.

Envira support and updates

If you’re facing some issues with the plugin or want to ask questions to the support team, you can raise a ticket by filling the support form on the Envira website and submitting it. Priority support is available only to Agency/Pro plan subscribers. In case of the remaining two plans, the support staff will reply to your query within 24 hours during the workdays/time. Envira subscribers will receive plugin updates for one year.


  • Easy to use.
  • Modular design i.e. You can add any add-ons that you wish to use.
  • Multiple pagination system.
  • Lazy loading, lightbox templates, option to import albums from third-party services, etc.


  • None.

Final thoughts

Envira is an excellent WordPress gallery plugin. You can add stunning image/video galleries to your website. It also allows you to make them feature-rich with pagination, animations and other features.