*WordPress stores the photos that you upload to the uploads folder in the WP Content Directory. The CMS names the folder according to the month and year. For example, if you upload an image in January 2021, the image will be saved to /wp-content/uploads/2020/01 directory. You can either use the server management software’s search tool or run a Linux command to find an image.

. In rare cases, you may need to redirect an image URL from the original image URL. Edit the post to replace the URL for the photo. If you don’t do so, the web server will report a 404 status when a search bot or a user tries to access the image. How do you group/move images? Use FileBird. With the FileBird WordPress plugin, you can move 100s of files in folders within a few minutes without changing the image URL.


The FileBird plugin lets you create virtual folders. It was launched in 2018 and has received several updates since then. It currently has a rating of 4. 92 out of 5 on CodeCanyon.net. FileBird Pro has been bought by over 12000 users. The free edition of the plugin is available for download on WordPress.org. The Pro version is available for $25 on CodeCanyon.net.

User interface and features

Once you create a folder, you can move a picture to it by simply dragging and dropping the file on the folder of your choice. FileBird will display a progress bar when you drag and drop files. The progress bar will slow down if the file is very large. FileBird, located to the right of the folder’s name, displays the number of files in that folder.

Filebird Plugin

The plugin shows a vertical panel on the right side and the WordPress library on the right side. You can create, rename and delete folders from the panel. Users can nest folders with the file management WordPress plugin.

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*The FileBird plugin allows users to sort folders according to the Ascending/Descending order in which they are named. You can also sort files by date modified, name, author, and date added.

. The FileBird plugin makes it easy to create subfolders that contain photos. Drag a folder onto another folder to create one.


Filebird Gallery

FileBird adds a gallery block/module to the Gutenberg editor. After inserting a FileBird Gallery in your post, you will need to choose the folder name from the list. The sidebar to the right of Gutenberg editor displays the folders. You can adjust the position of an image in the gallery or specify how many columns you want.

Bulk selection

The plugin lets users bulk select folders. You can enable “Bulk Select” mode in the WordPress media library. Click this option to select multiple images and move them into a single folder.

FileBird Pro price

You can purchase this plugin for $25 from CodeCanyon.net. You can’t sort files with the free version. The plugin also allows you to create only limited folders. The Pro version of the plugin offers more features.

Final thoughts

FileBird is a great image management plugin for WordPress. This plugin not only improves WordPress’ media library interface, but also adds a gallery module. This gallery replaces the WordPress gallery. You won’t need to choose individual files for your gallery. You simply need to create a folder with images that you wish to add to your gallery. Then, select the folder from the block settings sidebar.