*. Crediting your authors is one of the most important things you can do. There are many benefits to crediting authors. This deal benefits both the author and site owner.

. Let’s start at the author’s end. Many websites will request full rights to any materials that they have sent. This is bad news for authors as it makes it difficult to build a portfolio. It will be harder for them find potential employers if they have a small portfolio. Writing for multiple websites is a common practice these days, which can make it difficult for writers to find work.

. Now, let’s look at the benefits that the website owner enjoys. Although it may seem like there aren’t any, you would be wrong. Writers will be more inclined to accept credit for their work if you show them that you are open to it. This will help you attract potential authors for your posts and blogs. You will not only attract junior writers looking to build their portfolios and make a living but also experts and experienced writers. All of this will bring you more traffic to your website. You will see an increase in readers if you have a few actions and a lot of writers willing to write posts for you.

. This is where WordPress gets tricky. This feature is not supported by all themes. You will need to use a plugin if you want to credit authors ,.

. This plugin category has many options, just like all the others. While some of these are excellent, others are cumbersome and will cost you time and effort you won’t be able to recover. Instead of hitting your head on a wall, let’s make this list.

1. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box

Our first representative is a simple yet effective way of adding a fully responsive author box at the article’s end. This responsiveness makes the author box perfect for any resolution. This plugin is compatible with all resolutions, including large desktop computers and mobile phones. The plugin also provides all the tools necessary to create and customize author boxes. The plugin will make sure that author boxes don’t become an eye-sore, but instead compliment the design and look of the site.

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The plugin’s graphical customization isn’t the only thing that sets it apart from the rest. It’s also very functional. You can invite guest writers to your posts, without having to create an account. You can easily add multiple authors to a long article.

*The features of Simple Author Box are extensive, especially when you consider the PRO option. There is also a free plan with fewer features.

Simple Author Box Pricing

The free plan is more than adequate for the job at hand, so you won’t feel stuck if you decide to use just that. It will allow you to easily create, manage and add author boxes. The PRO plan includes additional features that make author boxes pop and are easier to manage.

Let’s check out some of the features of this plugin:

  1. Seamless integration
  2. Guest authors
  3. Multiple authors
  4. Gutenberg block
  5. Link control
  6. Color scheme
  7. Appearance control
  8. Typography control

Finally, let’s talk about pricing. Simple Author Box offers a free plan and a PRO program. The PRO plan comes in 3 different flavors: Personal, Team, and Agency, which are $39 and $69 yearly, and $99 as a lifetime purchase, respectively.

2. Author Bio Box

Author Bio Box

Author Bio Box is a no-nonsense plugin that allows you to create and add an author box to blog posts on your website. Although it isn’t as elegant as our previous entry this plugin does the job. This plugin will provide a simple and straightforward solution to author problems. The Author Bio Box plan is free.

Some of the features that this plugin has

  1. Author Name and Bio – displays the name of the author, as well as showcasing basic information about them in a bio.
  2. Social Media Icons – lets the author link to various social media platforms, showcasing their work.
  3. Dynamic Content – there is no need to manually fill the “About author” section of the box. It can be done automatically by using their User Profile page.
  4. Display Options – although limited, there are a few of them. It can be displayed on your homepage, in posts that only mention the author, or both.
  5. Style options – allows for basic customization of the author box. You can modify the thighs by changing colors and the sizes of different box elements.
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3. WP Post Author

WP Post Author Plugin

Another simple plugin for solving your author crediting problems is the WP Post Author Plugin. This plugin saves time because it uses the User Profile for author data. WP Post Author is another plugin that’s free.

Some of its features are as follows:

  1. Dynamic content – as stated prior, the author box is filled automatically using the User Profile page data.
  2. Show or Hide – gives you the option of either showing or hiding the author’s role and their email address.
  3. Style settings – this one allows you to use left or right alignment for the author box title. You have the option to choose from square or rounded profile photos. You can customize colors and fonts.

4. Starbox-the Author Box for Humans

Starbox-the Author Box for Humans

Starbox is, compared to the two previous entries, more well-rounded when it comes to features. However, it’s not difficult to set up or use.

  1. Theme customization – besides simple style customization, you can also select different themes that will customize author bios.
  2. Tabbed author bio – adding this will display the latest post from the author in question.
  3. WooCommerce – integration is valuable for those running any sort of online store. Allows you to display unique author bios.
  4. Unique author bio boxes – create and manage names, jobs, roles, images, social media links, and much more.

5. Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget is a slightly different plugin compared to the previous ones. This plugin allows you to add author boxes for widgets.

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. You can display all information about the author. In the author box, you can display the author’s bio, avatar, and social media icons.

.Meks Smart Author allows you to add an author widget to your sidebar, and make it look great. It is easy to set up. The plugin includes an auto-detect function that automatically finds the correct author of a post and displays their bio.

The plugin will need information from the author’s WordPress profile. This gives you an additional point to consider. You should ensure that your authors have completed the profile information correctly and updated it.


To summarize, author plugins are one of the better ways of showing gratitude towards your writers. This allows them to build a portfolio and promotes you as someone who values their work, rather than just paying them for their texts. You will increase the number and loyalty of readers and writers by using the plugins mentioned.