*. People love sharing interesting things that they find online with their friends. It is not easy to share and copy a link in the address bar on mobile devices. Visitors may not share articles with their friends if the site does not have a social sharing option. Social media plugins are essential for websites. You can increase social media traffic to your website or the followers of pages/profiles that you own by adding social sharing or follow buttons. You can do so by either writing code that will insert social sharing/follow buttons on the pages of your site or by using one of the following best social media plugins for WordPress:

Best social share plugin for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress


ESSB is the most popular social media plugin. It is used on over 500k websites and has a good rating of 4.67/5. ESSB ships social sharing buttons in different styles. You can change the name and color of the buttons. When a user shares an article via a social media platform, the plugin displays a customized message. The plugin can display the social sharing buttons in popups, below the title of the article, and at the bottom. ESSB ships with an opt-in form generator tool. After creating an opt-in form

, you can place it in the location of your choice.

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. The Easy Social Share Buttons plugin can display different sharing buttons on desktop and mobile devices. It also allows you to show a counter at the right or left of the icons. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress includes a dashboard that allows you to see how many people have clicked on the buttons or shared your article via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. With just a few clicks, you can add Facebook/Viber Messenger/TikTok feeds to your website. You can also add Skype chat and Facebook Messenger to your WordPress site. ESSB comes with a caching system, and the option to use minified CSS/JS files (aka plugin resources) instead of unminified. ESSB is a premium plugin that costs $22.

Download the ESSB plugin here


Monarch plugin

Monarch plugin is a good alternative to Easy Social Share buttons but you can’t use it unless you purchase one of the Elegant Themes subscription plans. ET is a top theme development company. Its Divi WordPress theme is used by 500k+ users. If you’re looking for an all in one WordPress plan, buy the subscription plan of Elegant Themes. Monarch has fewer options than ESSB. It is simple to set up. It supports multiple positions and offers several styles of social sharing buttons. It also includes a social analytics tool.

Things you’ll get when you Elegant Themes plan:

Revive Social

Revive Social

Revive Social is a WordPress plugin that lets you bring life/traffic to the WordPress pages by sharing them automatically on social media sites. This plugin can send custom messages. When you publish a post, click on the publish button in the WordPress editor. It will automatically share it to Linked, Facebook and Instagram. Revive Social allows you to create custom schedules. There are many options. Revive Social can automatically generate hashtags using WordPress post tags/categories. You can see how many clicks the post has received on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Revive Social plugin supports custom post types. You can also share posts from sites you don’t own to pages/groups that you own. The plugin costs $59.

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Download Revive Social

Ultimately Social

Ultimately Social

Ultimately Social is a free alternative to Monarch and Easy Social Sharing button plugins. It offers 15+ different icon themes and supports 190+ social networks. It can also show how many times a post has been shared, just like premium plugins. You can also add opt-in forms to your website with Ultimately Social and upload custom icons. This plugin can be configured to perform a particular task when the user clicks on a button, e.g. Like the page, share the article, etc. The basic features of Ultimately Social are available in the free version. The premium version of Ultimately Social costs $7 more than Easy Social Share Buttons.

Download Ultimately Social

AddToAny Share Buttons


AddToAny is a simple social media plugin that supports horizontal or vertical layouts. It does not support icon color customization. There is only one button style. AddToAny lets users change the icon size. It can display a + sign next to the sharing buttons. AddToAny will display all the social networks that it supports when you click this button. This plugin allows you to create custom headers for your social sharing icons. This plugin allows you to delete services you don’t use.

Download AddToAny

Social Media Flying Icons

Floating Social Media Icons

SMF is yet another top-rated social media sharing plugin. It ships with 29+ themes and has an option to change the size of the icons and their order with a drag and drop interface. The plugin can be configured to enable or disable floating sharing buttons. This plugin adds social media buttons to your website. It supports shortcodes, Pinterest and Instagram, Skype, Whatsapp and Reddit as well as many other social networks/messaging platforms.

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Download Social Media Flying Icons