*Managing events can be difficult, especially if you are limited to the internet. You need to make your conference website friendly and easy to navigate.

. Choosing the right theme is essential for running a successful event. A trendy, functional theme will provide a strong incentive to your attendees to sign up. It is important to remember that your website’s appearance will determine how visitors feel about attending your conference. Your attendees may find your conference boring if your website is not inspiring.

. To avoid this unfortunate situation, here are the top WordPress themes for online conferences or events.

1. Conference


Check out this theme if you’re running a single event that you need your audience excited for. Its sleek, trendy design will allow all attendees to keep track all the speakers and key points. The best thing about the conference? Not only can you create schedules to accommodate your attendees but also your speakers can create their own profiles. This helps to establish a personal connection between the speakers and the audience.

*. Knowing the speaker and their motivations will help increase your event’s reputation. This theme can also be integrated into your website as sponsorships. You can make it transparent to your attendees about who sponsors your events.

2. Exhibz


IF you’re looking for something more varied, Exhibz offers over ten unique landing pages that you can customize to your heart’s content. Exhibz offers you the freedom to customize your website by giving you different elements. Don’t worry if you are in a rush. You can also get premade layouts to help you set up your site quickly.

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*This theme also includes the’recurring events’ feature that allows you to keep your website running and will show future events. Because it is based on many elements that can be combined and matched, there will not be any two websites exactly the same. Each website will have its own unique utility.

3. TheGem


Whether it’s a music festival or a business conference, TheGem has you covered. TheGem has a variety of templates that you can use to quickly create a website for any event. TheGem is committed to creating themes that meet all your needs. These themes can also be used to create different themed events.

This theme can be used for everything, including business conferences and quirky food festivals that help boost the local economy. If your event or conference offers merchandise, you can use TheGems WooCommerce compatibility and open a merch shop on your website. This way your attendees will already have memorable merchandise ready for when the event begins. And with over 300 unique page sections, you’ll have more than enough content to create your own website with ease.

4. WellExpo


Creating a completely unique theme from scratch can be a chore, which is precisely why WellExpo allows you to edit and customize ready-made templates. This allows you to skip the tedious part of creating a homepage and immediately customize it for your event.

. WellExpo is the ideal theme for conferences and events with many speakers and seminars. It has the most sophisticated timetables and schedules embedded into its layouts. These timetables ensure that your conference attendees don’t miss any important topics and allow all speakers to quickly determine their preferred presentation times.

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. WellExpo guarantees compatibility with all major entry monetization plugins to make it easy for you to integrate ticketing systems on your website.


To summarize, the secret of a good quality conference or event website lies in its theme. It’s possible to create attractive, catchy homepages that will attract attendees and provide them with all information they need to enjoy your conference. Your success is dependent on how personal you make your website.