. GeneratePress, Astra and OceanWP are among the most highly rated WordPress themes. These three templates have 500k+ active users each and have a great rating of 4.8/4.9.

. Below is a quick review of the three templates.

OceanWP theme

Once you install and activate OceanWP, you’ll see a notification to install the OceanWP Extra plugin.

Oceanwp Setup Wizard

When you install the plugin, you’ll see an option to run the Setup Wizard. In 5 easy steps, the wizard will guide you through creating and launching WordPress websites. The wizard will display a short message in the first step. In the 2nd step, you must choose a demo from the list of 10+ demos. These demos can be grouped in the following categories: eCommerce, blog/business, sport, one-page. Before installing the theme, you can view the demo preview. Some plugins may be required for the demos to work properly. After installing the demo you will be asked to install the necessary plugins. OceanWP Wizard allows you to choose which items you wish the wizard tool import. After importing the demo, you can customize your site using step 3.

. The customizer allows users to upload a logo and set title, primary, and links colors, among other things. You will find an opt-in box at the end of the wizard with your mail-id. To view your site, you can click the “View my website” button.

OceanWP customization

OceanWP can be customized with the WordPress CMS’s live customizer tool. There are many customization options available for the theme. You can adjust footer/header background color, left/right/top/bottom padding, enable/disable footer widgets, change the sidebar’s background color, bottom/right/top/left margin/padding, change typography settings, and more with the live WordPress customizer tool.

Oceanwp Live Customization

OceanWP enables users to change the font of the HTML heading tags, menus, body, footer, etc. OceanWP customizer allows you to change the blog post layout to one of the following:

  • Sidebar, content.
  • Content, sidebar.
  • Full-width.
  • Left and right sidebars.
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In other WordPress themes, you must edit the single post PHP file to change the position of the elements displayed on the blog post. In OceanWP, you don’t have to do so. You can easily drag and drop the theme to change the position of your featured image, tags or social sharing buttons. You can also change their visibility, i.e. You can hide/show them. You can set the theme tag to be used for your blog post title. The default theme is H2.

*In addition to the Live WP customiser tool, OceanWP adds the “Theme Options” panel to the WordPress dashboard. You can disable the customizer options from OceanWP’s “Theme Options” page. The Theme Options page will also alert you to any important items that you have not included on your website.


Oceanwp Scripts Disable

OceanWP adds several scripts to the site. You can disable scripts that slow down your website. Alternatively, you can use a plugin such as WP Rocket to minify and concatenate stylesheets and scripts.

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Astra theme

Astra is a different theme from OceanWP. It’s a great alternative to OceanWP, and it has the same rating as OceanWP.

Astra Theme Options 1

You can start using Astra straightaway without installing any plugin. To add new features to an existing template, however, you will need to install plugins via the Theme Options interface. The following free plugins are available to the users:

  • Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.
  • Sidebar manager.
  • Custom Typekit fonts.
  • Astra Widgets/Bulk edits/customizer reset.

Astra Customization

The users can customize Astra with the WordPress live customizer tool. Astra places a placeholder on each element. Astra will display the customization options for each placeholder when you click on it. Astra sorts the options available in the Live customizer interface. OceanWP displays all elements supported in one interface.

Astra Live Customizer 1

Astra supports boxed and full-width contained/stretched layout. The slider allows for custom widths. You can set different layouts for your homepage, archive page, blog post, and blog posts with the WP theme. You can drag and drop elements from the blog post stack, just like OceanWP. Astra can display the featured image under the blog post title. You can adjust the width of your sidebar using the template’s live customizer.

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.Astra ships with three header styles. You can choose from two types of desktop headers: boxed or full-width. There are two types of mobile headers: Inline and Stack. You can adjust the theme’s bottom border. It can be difficult to manually add a search button, button or other item to the menu. These buttons can be added to the Astra menu at the very right. You can set a breakpoint in the template to hide the desktop menu and show the mobile menu. You can set an animation to the container.

*. As in OceanWP the Footer area can contain multiple widgets, or none at all. The WordPress live customizer tool allows you to change the appearance of the footer and increase its top border.

. Astra does not have the ability to disable scripts or stylesheets. These options are not necessary since the theme is lightweight and has fewer links to script/stylesheet files.

GeneratePress theme


75% of the options on the “Theme Options” interface of the free version of Generatepress shows the premium/paid modules. You can customize your theme by using the sidebar. If you have a messy design you can easily reset it via the Theme Options interface.

GeneratePress customization

Two of the most interesting features of GeneratePress is that the template supports “Flexbox” as well as “Float” structures. It supports both “SVG” as well as “Font” icons. With a click, you can modify the icon type and structure.

Generatepress Live Customization

GeneratePress, Like Astra and OceanWP support three layouts – sidebar/content, content/sidebar, sidebar/content/sidebar. You can also set your logo and tagline. You can change the background color, text color, link color, title hover of blog posts, and background color for WP templates. You can change the Google Font for the heading tags, font size and line height. The WP Live Customizer tool allows you to add/remove widgets from your sidebar/footer.

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OceanWP vs Astra vs Generatepress: Size, set-up & speed comparison

Theme bulkiness

OceanWP, even though has options to remove scripts and stylesheets, adds several links to the scripts and stylesheet files in the HTML of the page. GeneratePress and Astra are lightweight by default, but you can add more features or demos to your site. The page’s size will increase if you use them.

Setup wizard

As far as I’m aware, OceanWP is the only WordPress theme among the three templates I’ve shared here to have a setup wizard. It doesn’t matter if the setup wizard is present, as the themes are simple to set up and customize.

Speed and performance

If you reduce the number of scripts of OceanWP with its built-in script disabler/enabler tool, the speed of OceanWP will be the same as that of Astra and GeneratePress.