.Go is a responsive Gutenberg-compatible WordPress theme by GoDaddy. It’s simple and supports the WordPress block structure. GoDaddy Go needs the CoBlocks plugin, which was created by GoDaddy. It is available in WordPress’s repository. This plugin is very popular. CoBlocks has 500k+ users and it has a rating of over 4/5. What makes Go different from other templates in the WP repository. GoDaddy Go is easy to use. Let’s find it out

GoDaddy Go review

The Go theme by GoDaddy is available in the WP theme repository. It is available for free download. It can be downloaded directly from the WordPress admin interface via the “Themes”.

GoDaddy Go theme customization options

You can customize Go using the WP live site customizer tool. Here are the options that the live customizer will display when you open it after installing the Go GoDaddy WordPress theme:

Site design

The Go WordPress theme ships with 5 design styles – modern, traditional, trendy, welcoming, and playful. You can also choose from four color options: plum, steel and avocado. The WP theme from GoDaddy can be customized in unlimited colors. You can change the color of the background and modify the header background/foreground color. You can adjust the amount of void space around the main elements using the slider in the template. menu, post, etc.

Header styles

GoDaddy Go supports 4 different header styles. The default style is the 1st. If you enable the first style, Go will display the menu on the right side, the logo and search option on the left side of the header, respectively. The second style will cause the Go theme’s search option to be displayed on the left, with the menu on its right and the logo and tagline on its right.

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*The 3rd style shows GoDaddy Go’s menu in the middle of the header. The website logo is located at the top of this header. You will see the search option in the third header style on the left side. GoDaddy will hide your menu in the last style. The menu will only be displayed if the user clicks the three dots icons on the right side. The website logo is displayed at the top of the theme. A search icon can be found on the left.


The footer in the GoDaddy Go WP theme can have up to 3 horizontal menus. You can place the menus on the left or right side of your footer, or in the middle. There are four styles of footer in the template. It will display the site name in large font at the left-hand side of the footer. The site name will not be displayed in the Go theme for the other styles. The Go template’s background and footer colors can be changed.

Social media icons

This WordPress GoDaddy theme lets users insert social media icons pointing to their profile/page/group on social media sites. Go supports the following social media portals:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Github.
  • Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram.

When you enter the profile’s link in the textboxes displayed below the site’s name, GoDaddy Go will display the social media site’s icon in the footer. This theme allows you to change the icon’s color.


The CoBlocks plugin for WordPress adds new blocks to the block library of your site. The blocks can be used to create pages on your website. Some of the blocks the plugin adds to your site are as follows:

  • Pricing table, services, social profiles.
  • Collage, carousel, dynamic hr, form, hero section.
  • Gif, events, highlight, iron, posts, etc.
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CoBlocks plugin also adds new layout packs to your site. Every time you create a page, you’ll be asked to select a layout. Layouts can be used to create your website.

GoDaddy Go layouts

Blog page customization

The single posts page of the theme shows a featured image above the title. The featured image above the title displays author name, category name, date of publication, and number of comments. The single posts page of GoDaddy Go cannot be customized using the WP live customizer. To make any changes or remove unwanted elements from the single post page, you will need to edit the Go theme’s single PHP file.


Go is a truly widgetless WP theme. This template doesn’t contain any widgets. You will need blocks instead of widgets to build your website.

SEO and speed

The site speed these days depends on LCP/CLS metrics introduced by Google. Here are the core web vital scores of the GoDaddy WordPress theme:

GoDaddy go core web vitals score mobile
GoDaddy Go core web vitals score mobile
GoDaddy Go core web vitals score desktop

When it comes to SEO, Go supports all popular SEO plugins available in the WP repository.

Go is suitable for which sites?

Go is a good theme for any site that doesn’t have much emphasis on blog posts. These sites include business/portfolio sites/one-page, and others. To build a site, the user must spend time using Gutenberg editor + blocks and their creativity.

GoDaddy Go alternatives

GeneratePress, Kadence WP, and Blocksy are the best alternatives to Go. These templates are not only compatible with the WP block system, but also offer tons of customization options.