*. Google has been updating its Search Console with new reports approximately every 3 months. The Page Experience report is the latest report that the search engine giant added to GSC. What data does GSC offer through this new report and what information is it useful for? What is the benefit to webmasters from the new report? Let’s find out!

. The Page Experience report page can be divided into two sections. You’ll find a graph in the first section. The tool also has 5 grids.

Google page experience report / graph

The Core Web Vitals report shows two graphs – one for mobile devices and the other for desktops. The Page Experience report calculates the page experience score and displays it on one graph. The graph will highlight the score as it is updated regularly.

. Below the graph are the 5 grid boxes Core Web Vitals and Mobile Usability, Security Issues and Ad Experience. These 5 factors are the basis of the graph I have shown above. Each grid opens the relevant GSC report. GSC will open Core Web Vitals’ report if you click on the Grid.

HTTPS: Google Chrome shows a “Not Secure” badge to the left of the address bar when the user opens an HTTP-only page. If Googlebot discovers HTTP URLs while crawling a HTTPS site, or if the site does not have an SSL certificate, the HTTPS grid will warn you. You can fix the HTTPS problem by activating SSL via the CPanel, your hosting provider’s 1-click SSL installer tool, or manually installing an SSL certificate and redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS. What is the cost of a SSL certificate? Premium SSL certificates can be priced at $10+. Namecheap sells them at the best price.

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Mobile Usability: If the page is not mobile-friendly or is not based on responsive design, you’ll see a warning or an error in this grid. This warning/error can be removed by switching to a responsive theme, making the site mobile-friendly manually or hiring a web developer who can handle this task.

Security Issues: If Google crawlers detect malware or any other security issue on your site, you will see errors/warnings in this grid. This error can only be fixed by replacing the infected file/files.

Ad Experience: If you have monetized your website with advertisements, Google crawlers will check if any of the advertisement on the website is affecting the user experience. This grid will be updated if the crawlers find any ads that affect user experience.

. As in all GSC reports, the report will show the date that the data was last updated.

. If your site does not offer a great page experience, the graph will display the error “Your site doesn’t have any URLs that provide a good experience”. If you don’t improve your website, the site might be affected/impacted by the upcoming Page Experience algorithm update which is due to be launched in May/June 2021.

How can you improve the Page experience?

  • Fix the HTML/JS issues that are responsible for high LCP, FCP, or CLS scores.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly, use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP.
  • Don’t embed a lot of advertisements or irritating ads on the pages of your website.

Closing words: The Page Experience report is a time-saving report for webmasters as it displays major issues on a website on a single page.

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