Yoast, a popular SEO plugin, used to enable users to access search console data via the WordPress dashboard. Google had blocked third-party apps from accessing the data. The search console integration feature had to be removed by the plugin developers. Google’s Sitekit plugin replaces the Yoast Google Console feature.

. The Site Kit plugin by Google supports PHP 5.4+. It has been tested with both older and newer versions of WordPress CMS. GSK is a free and open-source WP plugin. Its source code can be found on GitHub ..

. Sitekit adds the Google Search Console’s important SEO data to your WordPress dashboard. You can also view the Analytics data and create a new GSC property.

. The plugin by Google is simple to install and use. It has received mixed reviews from WordPress users. Users are complaining about issues with authentication when setting up the GSK plugin. Is it worth the effort? Is the plugin easy to use? Let’s see how easy it is to use.

How to use Google Site Kit?

When you install and activate the plugin, GSK will ask you to start the setup. Click the blue button.

The plugin will redirect to a new form. You will find a button that says “Sign in to Google” on the form. This button will allow Site Kit to access your search console data.

*. Make sure to also check other boxes. If you don’t do so, the plugin might fail to authenticate with your Google account and you’ll see a 404 error.

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. Once you have granted the Site Kit plugin access, you can connect any services you wish to use. If you wish to view the GSC data on your WP dashboard click the connect button under the “Search Console”.

Google Site Kit

The services you’ve connected to your website will be displayed on the WordPress dashboard’s sidebar. Click on the link to access them.

Google services you can use with Site Kit

Page speed insights: This tool lets you check the loading speed of a web page on desktops and mobile devices. You can also get useful tips to speed up your website. You can monitor the loading speed of any page in your WordPress site using the GSK plugin.

Analytics and search console: Want to know the most popular pages of your site? You want to find out which pages have the lowest/highest CTR in search engine results pages. Two sections of the Site Kit extension are Analytics and Search console. These sections provide valuable information about your website. The extension displays the search data for the last 28 days. The plugin does not display real-time traffic data at the time this article was written.

AdSense: If you’re using AdSense to make money with your site, you can see the performance report of your site from the WP dashboard.

Tag Manager: Tag Manager is a software that enables you to add several third-party JS tracking and marketing codes to your site with only one block of code. These blocks are known as Tags. GTM allows you to create triggers and events, as well as variables that can be used by triggers. Google Site Kit supports Tag Manager software.

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Google Optimize: This tool lets you test the performance of multiple variants of the pages of your website. After the experiment is complete, you will know which page converts the most and provides the best user experience.


Easy to use: Setting up the Site Kit WordPress extension is a breeze. You can view your site’s search engine performance reports in just a few mouse clicks.

Free: The plugin doesn’t ask you to buy a plan nor does it have ads.

Time saver: The extension saves time because you don’t have to open sites other than yours in the browser.


Confusing: The Site Kit plugin requests permission to read the data for each site in your Search Console instead of the one you want to see. These sites might not be related.

Download the Site Kit plugin

Final thoughts: Google Site Kit might make the lives of webmasters easier by giving them access to important SEO data in the WP dashboard. It’s easy to install and use.