*The internet is constantly evolving with new blogs and websites being created each day. Many older websites are being left behind and abandoned.

. It is frustrating to click on a hyperlink on a website only to be taken to an outdated page. Broken links or dead links are known as dead links. link Rot . is the actual process of a dead link.

Broken links can be created for a number of reasons, such as:

  • The Website no longer being live
  • The article being moved to a private area
  • A change in the permalink structure that causes the URL’s of all pages to change
  • A 404 error
  • Someone linking using an incorrect URL (sometimes the person who wrote the link is to blame! )
  • . Broken links can be dangerous for visitors. Website owners should not allow any link to be broken. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines states that website owners need to check for broken links and correct HTML. This means that having broken links on your website can hurt your website’s search engine ranking.

    . To address this problem, it is essential to find broken links and fix them. You can change the URL of the website or article by simply updating the link. It is best to delete the link from any page that is not online.

    How to Check for Broken Links

    You may wonder how you can check for broken hyperlinks. It is impossible to read through thousands or hundreds of articles to check if every link is valid. Website owners can use broken link checks to verify that each link is still valid.

    . Online broken link checker , and W3C Link checker . are two of the most popular online services.

    W3C Link Checker Service

    W3C Link Checker may take a few minutes to analyse your website if you have a lot of pages. The program will display broken links and links that were not able to be verified due to robots exclusion rules. This report showed me that YouTube had recently changed my channel’s URL, which meant that many references to it on my blog were wrong.

    W3C Link Checker Results

    Another great option is Broken Link Checker. This plugin checks broken links and also alerts you if there are missing images. It also stops search engines from following broken hyperlinks.

    The plugin scans your website and emails you when it finds broken links. The plugin can also highlight broken links in comments. You can unlink broken links directly from the admin area. It also corrects redirected URL’s with their name URL.

    Broken Link Checker

    Checking for broken links is not something that you need to do every day. To make sure that no websites have gone offline, I do a quick check for broken links once a month. It won’t be a problem if you do it regularly and only check a handful of links every month.

    Good luck,