With the advent of the Corona Crisis in 2020, online learning is taking off. Now that we’re housebound, companies and self-employed individuals are trying to serve their clients with 1-on-1 coaching calls, webinars, and larger online meetings.

There are many techniques and channels you can use to deliver online courses: Skype, Instagram live or Teams from Microsoft.

One of the most popular software programs at the moment is Zoom. It’s video conferencing software that allows you to hold meetings online, but also to meet with one or more people over the Internet.

This happens in real-life, so you can see and hear each other. Zoom also offers the possibility to share documents on the screen, so you can watch a presentation together.

Video conferencing with Zoom

Zoom is also ideal for creating online courses on your website. It’s best to integrate Zoom in your website, because that’s where you’ll promote your courses. The plugin Video Conferencing with Zoom makes this possible.

Video conferencing with Zoom

How does it work?

It is a user friendly plugin which offers extensive functionalities to manage Zoom meetings, participants but also reports from the WordPress dashboard.

You can create a special page with a Zoom meeting on it. Users can join the Zoom meeting directly from this page with a click on a button. It also displays a countdown counter for starting meetings.

The great thing about it is, this plugin is free.

Paid online classes

You can also use Zoom for paid online courses. After paying, a participant will get access to Zoom’s live connection. This can be done with the paid plugins WooCommerce Booking and Zoom Integration for WooCommerce plugin.

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WooCommerce is a popular plugin in WordPress to make payments possible. A lot of webshops use it as well. It takes some knowledge to set up the connection, but the video below gives more clarity.

Theme with Zoom integration

There are also ready made websites for sale with Zoom integration. The Education WordPress theme Masterstudy for instance is equipped with Zoom. You don’t need to install the plugin, but the theme takes care of a seamless integration of Zoom.

You will also have a complete website at your disposal with which you can organize online courses. So besides live meetings with Zoom, you can create complete courses, with multiple lessons, paid and unpaid, quizzes and much more.


There are quite a few ways to hold online meetings or courses. But Zoom has quickly become a popular technology. It’s accessible, user friendly and free.

I already use Zoom regularly to consult with colleagues or clients. But Zoom offers more and you can also use it to make live streams via your website, which can be viewed for a fee. You can also save these live streams in Zoom and have them appear in your online course.

I’ve written an article about online learning before, online learning takes off with these five educational website themes.