AI is a top-level domain that was launched in the mid-1990s for a Caribbean county called Anguilla. At first, the domain extension AI was only available to residents of the country. These things have changed. ICANN now allows users around the globe to register an AI domain. This is due to the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence/machine learning technology.

.AI is a cutting-edge technology that has completely changed the way we see the world. It aids scientists in solving difficult problems. It’s also used by companies to make smart decisions and reduce human resources by automating, analyze large amounts of data, and so on. AI-powered apps can solve complex problems either by themselves or through the help of others. Are you confused? Let’s take a look at the two most talked-about AI products, Google AlphaGo and the Sophia robot, which is the first nonhuman citizen.

AlphaGo: Alphabet’s subsidiary DeepMind had developed an AI backed program called AlphaGo. Google decided to put the application through its paces in the real world after it was completed. The world champion Lee Sedol was invited to compete against AlphaGo. Google set AlphaGo up to play against itself immediately before the competition. AlphaGo won 4 matches out 5 during the competition that stunned Lee Sedol. Google’s AI application continued to learn from its losses. AlphaGo was able to learn the complicated game of Go in just 7 to 8 hours.

Sophia robot : Sophia is a robot who can correctly answer interview questions. Sophia is powered entirely by AI. Sophia is more than a dummy with a tape recorder. It can play pre-recorded sound file to impress people. Sophia can express emotions like human beings. It was designed to interact with people.

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buy ai domain

AI is a technology that will continue to help mankind in several ways. It will be a great tool for scientists, engineers, scientists, and business people in the future. It is essential that your AI-based product be available to the public if you are going to launch it. Registering a domain with the extension AI is the best way to do so. These are just a few of the many benefits to owning a website:

Large user base : Every day, more than a billion people access the Internet. For millions of people, it is their primary source of information.

Great potential to get leads : Adding a blog to your website and publishing quality content every day will increase traffic from search engines. People might be interested in your product if you purchased an ai domain.

Marketing: If you don’t want to set up a blog, you can still reach a large number of people by promoting your site on social networking portals.

Although the popularity of AI technology has grown multifold, NameCheap is one of the few top registrars that is allowing users to register an AI domain name. Namecheap sells AI domains at the cheapest rate of 59.x dollars/year. GoDaddy has priced AI domains at $100/year.

. Is there a disadvantage to buying a domain Namecheap and GoDaddy allow you to register AI domains for up to 2 years. domain cannot be registered for more than one year.

What features does Namecheap provide to the users?


Namecheap provides free WHOIS data protection to users. WHOIS protection protects your personal information such as address, phone number, email, and other details, from being made public to anyone who uses the whois lookup tool to find out about website owners. The same service may be offered by other registrars for an additional 8$.

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Namecheap lets users enable two-factor authentication. It supports both phone-based and Google Authenticator apps. Namecheap requires users to enter 6-8 digit numbers that are displayed on the app or sent by Namecheap to their registered phone number.

Register your ai domain here on Namecheap


If you need help with an issue related to the domain, you can get immediate help by using the Namecheap live chat tool. You can also submit a ticket. Chat is the fastest and most efficient way to contact a Namecheap support representative.

Great user interface

Namecheap’s dashboard is beautiful. It hides domain-related options and only shows them when they are needed. To see all hidden options, you will need to click the “Manage” button.


NameCheap sells AI TLDs for $58. This price is not offered by any other top registrar.

Should you wait for other companies to support this TLD?

No, 1000s of domains are registered every day. The AI domain extension is not well-known. It will be a very popular extension by the time domain names are easy to remember. This is the perfect time to purchase AI domains. Don’t wait!

Final thoughts

AI is the future. Register your ai domain today if you are working on an AI project, or if you own a company that creates machine-learning applications for a wider audience.