A domain can be registered for up to 10 years. If the domain expires, or the owner fails to renew it for any reason, it will either be sold or made available for registration by its registrar. 1000s of domains are registered and dropped every day. Domains that have expired can be valuable or useless. Understanding why this happens is possible by understanding that every domain has its own characteristics, i.e. age, authority, etc. A domain that is 8 years old might be valuable. A one-year extension might be worth a penny.

. To find expired domains you will need to use web applications. Today I will be sharing the top expired domain finder tools and some tips to help you find great expired domains. This post is divided into two sections. This post is divided into two sections. The first section contains 3 tips. The second section includes the list of tools.


A domain can be harmful or not. You can lose your hard-earned cash if a domain is banned by Google. Thus, make sure you:

Check if the domain is banned from AdSense

Although there are several affiliate programs, many people use AdSense to monetize their sites. The website owner can simply delete the domain and purchase another one if the website or domain is blocked from Google AdSense. The AdSense sandbox is the best way to find out if a domain is blacklisted. Two of the most popular tools are CTRLQ and DigitalPoint.

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Check the domain’s backlinks

If the site hasn’t been banned from the AdSense program, you should check its backlinks. Sometimes, a Google algorithm change can cause a website’s traffic to drop. Google can drop pages’ rankings if they find that the website owner has created a lot of unnatural backlinks. The best tools to check backlinks are SEMRush, UbberSuggest, SerpStat. If an expired domain you want to buy has toxic backlinks, you can use the Google Disavow Tool to make Google ignore the toxic links while ranking your site.

Choose a trustworthy registrar

Once you find a great expired domain, you should not waste time registering it. This is because 1000s of domainers are always in search of expired TLDs. Namecheap, NameSilo, and Uniregistry are the three of the cheapest domain registrars. There is a marketplace section at these three domain registrars where you can find expired and newly registered domains.

Check out the Namecheap marketplace.

See the NameSilo marketplace.

View the Uniregistry marketplace

If the domain is listed in an auction, you’ll have to buy the domain from the registrar that is running the auction.

Best expired domains finder tools

Here’s the list of websites where you can find expired TLDs, ccTLDs, etc:

ExpiredDomains dot net

expireddomains dot net

ExpiredDomains Dot net database comprises of 30+ million deleted/expired domains. It supports 400+ extensions. This is the best place for expired domains. It is a large database so you will need to take some time in finding the right domains. Click on a DN to view the list of registrars that can register it. EXDN shows the number of backlinks pointing at the DN. EXDN displays the number of backlinks pointing to the domain. It also shows the year of registration (birth year as per archive.org).

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FreshDrop claims itself to be the largest domain marketplace since 2007. It does not display the number domains it has in its database, unlike Expired Domains Dot Net. FreshDrop offers a range filter rather than a sort tool. The tiny button on the right/left side of the progress bar can be adjusted to adjust the range.

FreshDrop supports country-level TLDs, top extensions, etc. FD displays data in real-time. FreshDrop is a great tool but the color theme used on the website is not good. The filters’ bright blue background is too distracting. The text is also difficult to read due to its small size.

GoDaddy Auctions

godaddy auctions

GoDaddy is not only one of the largest domain registrars but it is one of the best places to find and buy expired domains. GoDaddy allows you to filter domains by the initial alphabet, expiry dates, price, and more. You can also sort TLDs by name, traffic, estimated value, bids, closing time, and so on. The domain’s spam score and domain authority are not information that the registrar will give you.

. Many people may be interested in buying the domain. Users place their bids and wait for another to place theirs. The process continues until no one places a bid. GoDaddy auctions is a paid platform. To purchase domains, you must have a GoDaddy Auction subscription.



Domcop has a massive listing of 2.9+ million domains that have expired or are about to expire. DC provides a powerful search tool and an option to filter domains by:

  • Domain authority, open page rank.
  • Citation flow, trust flow.
  • Backlinks, Alexa rank, etc.
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Domcop lets premium users export links. DC offers statistics, which provides important information about domains stored in its database.