*. Sometimes, users may not be able to use a newsletter script that is hosted on another server in order to access the data on their server. If this happens, the user must either create his/her script or hire someone else to do it. Or use a Newsletter plugin. The free extensions are limited in features. You will need to upgrade to the premium plugin to add more functionality to the existing plugin. Why waste time testing/checking each extension individually? Instead, why not invest in a quality Newsletter plugin?

. Mailster is the most affordable and best premium Newsletter plugin. Mailster has 25000+ users and an excellent rating of 4. 61/5 on Codecanyon. There are no restrictions on how many emails you can send or the number you can create lists. It runs on your server. This extension makes use of your server resources to send out newsletters.

The plugin allows you to set up autoresponders and create email marketing campaigns. It supports WordPress 3.8+, Fsockopen function, and requires a server that has 128MB free memory for the PHP. To function, it requires the DOM PHP extension.

. The plugin supports third-party services like SparkPost, MailGun and Amazon SES.

Mailster plugin features


Mailster makes you aware of:

  • The number of times your newsletter was opened.
  • The number of people that received the mail.
  • URLs the subscribers have clicked.

The plugin also displays the users that have unsubscribed from your newsletter. It displays the top users on a map. You can view the tracking data in the Mailster plugin’s dashboard interface.

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List Management

Mailster enables users to create and manage list of subscribers. Click the “Lists” button on the sidebar of WordPress. Then click the “Add New” button.

The plugin displays the lists you have created and the number users who have subscribed to them on one interface. It displays the date the list was last updated as well as the date a new subscriber was added.

To help you differentiate/identify subscribers, each subscriber is assigned one of the following statuses in the Mailster application:

  • Unsubscribed, Subscribed.
  • Pending, Error, Hard bounced.

While setting up the newsletter, the plugin will prompt you to choose the list of subscribers. Mailster gives users a rating. Based on user activity, the rating is calculated. The user’s rating will rise if he/she opens your newsletter. Users who have unsubscribed to your newsletter will see their ratings decrease. This feature allows you to determine which users are most interested in your content. To increase your website’s/blog’s revenue, you can send top-rated users coupons and deals.

Download the Mailster plugin here

Drag and Drop/Forms

The Mailster plugin provides a drag and drop newsletter builder tool which you can use to design new templates or customize the existing templates. Click the “Forms” option and then the “Add New” button. Mailster will display a list with supported elements on the right and an interface called “Form Fields” on the left. Click on the element you wish to drag to the “Forms Fields” interface. After your form is complete, click on the “Save” button.

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Get your copy of Mailster here


Mailster lets you send mails to all subscribers of your list at one go even if your list has 1000+ subscribers.

Campaigns and autoresponders

Creating a new newsletter campaign or managing existing ones is easy with the Mailster plugin. While creating a campaign, you’ll be asked to enter:

  • Subject, preheader text.
  • From name, from email, reply to the mail.

Below the above five fields, you’ll find the template. This template can be edited/customized by dragging elements left to the interface. After your template is created, select the recipients of the newsletter. Also specify the time for delivery.

. An autoresponder function is one that the plugin invokes when a user signs up for your newsletter or sends you a message. You can configure autoresponder to send a mail/message to the user when he/she signs up for your newsletter, unsubscribes your list, when you publish a new post, at a specific time of your choice, etc,

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The Mailster plugin’s settings interface is divided into the following sections:

  • General, template, Front End, Privacy.
  • Subscribers, WordPress users, Text Strings, Tags.
  • Delivery, Cron, Capabilities, Bouncing.
  • Authentication, Advanced, Manage settings

In the General settings interface, you’ll find options to change the sender’s name, email address, specify sending delay, disable/enable image embedding in mails, specify the number of posts the newsletter should have, etc.

. The template interface allows you to upload a logo and link to an image URL, select the default template, and so on. The newsletter will display the logo.

. Mailster allows you to disable/enable sharing, display pagination in posts and prevent search engines indexing the frontend if it finds the plugin’s Front End Interface. Privacy section allows you to disable or enable tracking of clicks, IP addresses and activate/deactivate GDPR notice.

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. Mailster allows you to specify the method of delivery for your mail/newsletters in its Cron interface. This plugin can be used with both a real and wp_cron functions. To send newsletters to subscribers, you can choose from one of these modules.

. The Capabilities interface allows you to change the roles of the editor, author contributor, subscriber, and so on. Mailster assigns roles for each of the four users. Mailster allows you to change the roles easily using the Capabilities interface.

Download the Mailster plugin here



  • Easy to use.
  • Autoresponder, form builder, campaign manager, modules built-in.
  • Subscriber management is easy.
  • You can send unlimited newsletters.


  • Very few templates are bundled with the plugin. If you don’t like or can customize the templates, you may need to purchase a new one.

Get your copy of the Mailster plugin here

Final thoughts

Mailster is the best premium WordPress newsletter plugin. It gives you full control over the campaigns and has no restrictions on the number of campaigns/forms/autoresponders you can create.