*Yoast has been a very popular SEO plugin, but the recent updates haven’t gone down well with many people. Yoast’s most controversial issue was its decision by the plugin authors to eliminate the option of no indexing subpages in archives. This caused duplicate meta title/description problems on multiple sites. People switched to All in SEO and the SEO Framework plugin to fix the problem. Rank Math is an alternative to SF, AIOSEO and Yoast. MyThemeShop has developed RM. MyThemeShop has developed RM. Is it worth replacing your current plugin with Rank Math? Here’s my honest review of Rank Math:

Rank Math review

The plugin is available for download in the WordPress repository. After you have installed and activated the plugin, you can configure or use individual options or the plugin’s setup wizard. Here are the various options you’ll discover while using the Rank Math SEO plugin:


Rank Math displays options to import settings and redirections from a plugin you’re already using. RM will automatically detect your plugin. Only select the data that you wish the plugin to import. If you don’t want to import SEO settings or if your site is brand new, click the Skip button. Otherwise, click on the Start Import button. Rank Math will start importing data when you click on the Start button. It will also display the progress of the import.

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Local SEO

You’ll be asked to enter the following details in the Local SEO settings interface of RM:

  • Enter a business name.
  • Upload a logo for your business.
  • Upload a default image for social media.
  • Enter the address, phone number, email address, etc.

The logo mentioned in step 3 of the above list will be displayed on Google for some search phrases.


Rank Math plugin will test your installation before you can configure its settings. It will verify that you are using the most recent version of PHP or WordPress. It also checks if you have the DOM, GD and SimpleXML PHP extensions installed. Rank Math will warn you if any extension is missing, or if the most recent PHP/WP version is not installed.


With this interface of Rank Math, you can link your Google Search console with the plugin by providing an authorization code and selecting a profile. You can view the issues Google crawler detected on your site by linking your GSC account to your WordPress dashboard.

Sitemap settings

You can configure Rank Math to generate a Sitemap with/without the following entities:

  • Images, posts.
  • Products, pages.
  • Categories, product categories.

The MyThemeShop SEO plugin lets users specify the number of links each sitemap XML file should have.


To prevent duplicate content issues and to prevent search bots from indexing thin pages, users can configure RM to noindex/index category & tag archives, automatically nofollow image & external links, open external links in a new tab through this interface. RM, like Yoast can remove the category base URLs. This option is available in step 5 on the Rank Math Wizard.

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Focus Keywords and below post panel

MyThemeShop’s Rank Math plugin enables you to optimize up to 5 focus keywords when you link your site with MyThemeShop. RM, like Yoast or other plugins displays a panel beneath the post. When you edit or enter text in WordPress, the panel updates with any issues.

. What you will see in the panel

  • Permalink issues.
  • Keyword density.
  • Internal links.
  • External links.
  • Headings/Sub-headings.

If there’s no problem with your content, the above things will be displayed in green. Red will indicate that there is an issue.

. If you don’t wish to use the wizard but want to see the advanced interface click the back button. You’ll then see a tabbed interface.


Rank Math lets users set up redirects. You can fix broken URLs quickly by using the search console. You can use the plugin to redirect URLs that contain or match a string. Multiple pages can be redirected to the same destination URL using RM. The free version of the plugin supports 301, 302, 307, 410, and 451 HTTP redirection status codes.

SEO Analysis

This tool of Rank Math runs various tests on the pages of your site and displays the SEO Score. It shows the number and failures of pages that have passed each test. You must connect your website to your Rank Math account in order to use the Rank Math SEO Analysis function. The SEO score of the RM plugin is out of 100.


The plugin has the option to set one of these three types of articles for the posts:

  1. Article.
  2. Blog Post.
  3. News Article.
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Setup wizard

If you have never used a search engine optimization WordPress plugins ever, the wizard will guide you in setting up Rank Math. The Wizard will complete six steps. Each step in the Rank Math wizard offers different options. You can configure sitemap, analytics and noindex/nofollow/ settings using the wizard.

Other features of Rank Math

The plugin can automatically add alt tags to the images. RM will also insert the title tag if it is not present. You can enable or disable features that you don’t wish to use, unlike other plugins. You can give roles to users if you have a multi-author blog/website. Rich snippets are supported by the RM plugin. It can link keywords to pages and posts. It must be provided a link and keywords.


Rank Math’s free version is downloadable via the WordPress site. You can purchase either the Pro or Business subscription plans to use the plugin’s schema generator and keyword tracking features. If you need quick support from RM, the Pro or Business subscription plans are available. The pricing for the same is $59 and $199 respectively.

Final thoughts

Rank Math is a new and powerful WP SEO plugin. It has features that will help improve your site’s SEO score. There are a few features you won’t find with other SEO plugins. The remaining features are the same as Yoast, The SEO Framework, and other popular plugins.