Porkbun is one the newest domain registrars. Raymond King, a well-known entrepreneur, founded Porkbun. It has been approved by ICANN. Porkbun was a registrar that offered new users a discount. After looking at the plans, I purchased my first domain.com from Porkbun for $5. Here’s my honest review of Porkbun:

Review of PorkBun

Porkbun enables you to register several types of domains. It also ships with a domain name generator tool that accepts a word as input and displays a list of domains containing the word you’ve entered.

. The company accepts payment with a credit or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Etherium etc. and PayPal. It takes approximately 2 minutes to register a domain. Porkbun asks for full names, addresses, and phone numbers when registering domains.


Porkbun review

Porkbun has a simple dashboard interface. Logging in to your account will give you the option to search domains as well as a list all domain names that you have registered. You’ll also be able to launch the site builder tool and set up email hosting.

. The dashboard shows you the remaining time for your domain’s expiration and has a button labeled “details”. This button will allow you to edit or disable email forwarding, change the nameservers, obtain the authorization code for transfer and view/edit the details of the registrant. PB supports bulk operations. This feature is available if you need to manage, renew and label multiple domains at once.

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*The domain registrar does not require credit card details to be kept. You can choose to cancel your credit card after you have purchased the domain.


Porkbun lets users use the 2-factor authentication technology for securing their accounts. 2FA provides an additional layer of security for your dashboard.

How does this feature work?

. After users have entered their username/email address, and password in the login form, and clicked the submit button to confirm it, Porkbun will verify that the email address and password are correct. After the login credentials have been verified, Porkbun will prompt users to enter a six digit code. A mobile app such as Google Authenticator or Authy generates the code that unlocks your account.

*While activating 2FA the registrar will show backup codes. These codes should be saved to your computer. These codes are useful in case you lose your phone, or accidentally uninstall the authenticator application. A cool security feature in Porkbun is the fact that the registrar sends an email to account holders when someone logs into their account. The email contains details about the user’s IP address and operating system.

Porkbun features:

Simple yet powerful domain management interface

Porkbun displays a list of your domains when you log in to your account. Click the “details button” at the top of the domain to open a panel. You can add DNS records, modify nameservers, alter the address, and enable renewal. All changes are made in real time.

Renewal and email hosting

The registrar can automatically renew the expiring domains. You can set up email hosting or create business emails with just a few mouse clicks. This service is available for $2 per month. Porkbun offers email forwarding if you already have an address and want to send emails to that address. Porkbun offers a free 3 month trial of its email hosting service.

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Who Is

Don’t want internet marketers to know that the website they’re currently browsing is owned by you? Porkbun lets users choose to have the WhoIS protection included in the domain registration. Other registrars may charge 2 to 10 dollars for this service. All users of Porkbun are eligible for this service at no cost.

Knowledgebase and support

PB’s knowledgebase features 90+ articles. The registrar offers email and telephone-based customer service. You can send an email or call the support team if you have any questions. You will hear back from them within 2 hours if you have already sent a message. The fastest way to contact the company’s support team is by dialing the support number.

Year of the pig sale and offer for new users

Besides offering a good discount on .com, .net, .org and several other TLDs to new users, Porkbun has organized the “Year of the Pig” sale that will save you money on registering the following domains:

  • .design, .wiki, .live.
  • .world, .online, .fun.
  • .website, .pw, website, .host.
  • .asia, .press, .nyc.

Other services offered by Porkbun

Shared hosting: Right now, Porkbun has a single WordPress shared hosting plan which costs $5 per month and $60 yearly. You can save unlimited data and transfer it to your server. With just a few clicks, users can enable HTTPS and install applications via an intuitive graphical user interface. This plan gives users access to the Cpanel tool, which allows them to back up their data and manage their hosting. They can also create and manage subdomains. PorkBun also offers “static website hosting”, which costs $2.5 per month. It has a Cpanel powered $10 web hosting plan that supports custom-built PHP sites.

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Site builder: Porkbun lets users build and launch a website quickly with the help of Weebly website builder. There are five premium plans available: basic, starter, pro and business. The cheapest plan is $3 per month. This plan offers a drag-and-drop builder tool. This plan allows you to create unlimited pages and manage them.

Here’s a comparison table that explains the differences between the five site builder plans of Porkbun:

Porkbun site builder


  • Simple UI.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Good discount to new customers.
  • Free Who IS protection.


  • None

Final thoughts: I have registered three domain names with Porkbun. My experience with my new registrar so far has been excellent. Porkbun is a great option if you are looking to register a domain. Porkbun offers great service when it comes to registering and managing domain names. You can visit its website to grab your.com or.net domain or any other domain at a great price.