A price comparison website displays specifications of two products side-by-side. These sites help customers decide which product is best. You may be able to compare up to two products on this site. A coupon site will display a list with offers and a coupon. The coupon is hidden. The coupon will become visible to the user when they click it. It can bring in a lot of affiliate income if the site is well-designed and has a coupon/deals section.

. Although there are plugins that allow you to compare one or more products or themes, many templates/plugins require you to upgrade the template/theme in order to unlock additional features. Instead of spending time and money on a poor plugin/theme, why not invest in a premium theme? REHub offers the best deals and coupons themes at the lowest prices.

.Rehub is a premium WordPress theme. It has a rating of 4.9/5 and over 19K users. It has many great features and a beautiful design. Here’s the list of options, features REHub offers to the users:

Stylish Header and footer

Users can configure the REHub theme to show an ajax powered search box, the option to log in to the site, the number of items in the wishlist/compare list. REHub will display a list of products that contain the letter or word you have entered when you type it in the search box. The header section of REHub will display the number of products added to the wish or compare lists. REHub allows users to customize the header.

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. A mega menu is crucial for the success of price comparisons, deals or coupon sites. If the user is unable to find the right product on the current page he can navigate to the mega menu and find another page. REHub supports the mega menu. The mega menu works with mobile devices. It can be customized in appearance.

. The REHub WordPress theme comes with a customizable footer area that can be customized in multiple columns. Here you can place your favorite widgets and text.

Add to wishlist

If for some reason, the user doesn’t want to buy the product right now, he can add the item to the wishlist. You can also track the price of items you are planning to purchase with the wish feature.

See the theme’s demo here

Visual composer, slider revolution, and demos

The REHub theme is powered by the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugin. These plugins are free for users. The template comes with 6 premium RH plugins and the MDTF plugin. With VS Composer, you can create stunning pages for your comparison website and Slider Revolution allows you to use powerful sliders. REHub allows you to import, customize and use demos.

Reviews list page

The REHub theme lets users publish reviews on their site. Valid schema code is required for review pages. Google will show the star/point rating under your site’s title when it searches for you. REHub allows you to display multiple reviews for a product category on one page. This page will increase your site’s pageviews and decrease the bounce rate. Let’s look at a page about the best phone that lists reviews. The bounce rate of the site will decrease if the user clicks on the link to read the review.

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Download the REHub template here

Deals page

If an eCommerce site is offering a product or several products for a good discount, you can make users aware of them by creating/editing the deals page. The affiliate conversion rate will rise if you place a link to this page in your comparison site’s menu.

Comparison/versus page

The REHub theme ships with a beautiful product comparison template. This template allows you to add a video slider. This page can be configured to display the reasons why the user should purchase item 1. It shows a unit “deal Score” and buttons for liking, disliking, and next to that are like, dislike, and a button. Each time a user clicks on the like button, the deal score is updated. When the user clicks on the dislike button, the score is decreased.

Price drop widgets

The widget compares the previous pricing with the current product pricing. The widget will notify website visitors if there is a price drop for the product.

Disable or enable the features

The REHub theme has many features. You can disallow certain features by clicking the button.

Post formats

Like many other premium WP themes, REHub supports multiple post layouts. This template can be configured to display a slider, image or video above the title. REHub can be configured to display the item rating/product rating at the beginning of the first paragraph.

See the template’s demo here

Ads option

REHub lets improve the revenue of the website by displaying a message to the users to disable the ad blocker and providing the sticky ad feature. The sticky ad widget can be customized with a banner from an eCommerce site.

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Filters are very important on a price comparison site. Sites that are older will have more products. Visitors won’t be able find the products they are looking for if your site lacks filters. The REHub theme has powerful filters.

Price alerts

The price alert module of REHub functions as an opt-in form. You can enter the price you wish to purchase the item at and your email address in the text fields. REHub will email you an email once you have entered the price and your email id so you can purchase the item quickly when it drops in price.

Directory and membership features

If you own a shop or a mall or you offer a service, you can make users aware of the service or product you sell with the REHub theme. You can customize the template. The template supports all features necessary to create a WordPress powered directory.

Download the theme here

REHub usage

In addition to a price comparison site, you can use REHub to launch deals, cashback, coupons, multi-vendors, reviews websites.



  • Several features and option to disable the feature you don’t want to use.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Great design.
  • Easy to customize.


  • None.

Closing words

Rehub is a flexible and feature-rich price comparison, deals, coupons WP theme. It’s search engine-friendly and offers many options. The REhub theme is priced at $59 on ThemeForest.com. This template is great for launching a product comparison site or directory site.