*The Kadence WP Theme is one the most customizable and free WordPress themes. It was published in the WordPress repository in November 2020. Currently, Kadence is employed on 40000+ sites and its rating is 4.9/x. Are Astra and GeneratePress alternatives to Kadence or are they similar? Kadence is it feature rich? Here’s my unbiased review of Kadence:

Kadence theme review


Kadence Header Builder

Kadence free edition supports the transparent header and offers the following header elements:

  • Search, button.
  • HTML, social icons.

The premium version of Kadence offers more button styles, account modal, search bar, etc. It offers 20+ elements that you can put in the header. You’ll also have access to the mega-menu module. Mega menu supports dropdown menus of 1+ columns and can be customized. Kadence Premium/Free allows you to make the header stickier when the website’s accessed from mobile devices or desktops. You can change the background, buttons, and color of social networking icons.


Kadence Footer Builder

The footer of the Kadence Free theme supports three rows and a custom background color. Each row can support 5 columns. Templates can highlight footer links by using an underline. You can add your own copyright message. You can add this message to one of the footer rows.

Header and footer builder

Kadence ships with a custom-built drag and drop footer and header builder tool. Click the customize button on your WordPress dashboard admin bar to display the Kadence theme. Then click on the “Header and Footer” option. The elements are displayed in the WP Live Customizer. Drag the elements to the desired position on the page builder interface. The header/footer will look amazing, regardless of where they are placed.

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Blog post

Kadence Blog Post Customization

The Kadence WordPress theme supports the following five blog post content styles:

  • Normal, narrow, full-width.
  • Left sidebar, right sidebar.

The template lets you hide/show the post meta info, category, etc. You can also change the aspect ratio and width of the featured image. Kadence allows you to hide/show comments, author links, author bio boxes, and related posts. The theme supports related posts of 2, 3, or 4 columns. The arrow points to the right/left of related posts. Kadence will display related posts if you click on the left/right Arrow. You can modify the order of title, meta information, and breadcrumb in Kadence WP theme by dragging and dropping elements from the stack. You can also change the title alignment in the template.

Search page

Kadence Search Customization

Kadence is one of the few WordPress themes that allow customization of the search page. The template can display search results in a grid, or list without the search query/title. You can add a featured image, category title, excerpt, or link to more information to the search results.

Widget areas

The free edition of Kaddence ships with several widget areas. The number of widgets that can be supported by the theme is dependent on how many columns you add to your template’s footer/header using the footer/header maker tool.

Font and colors

No matter what element you’re customizing with the Live WP customizer tool, you can change the element’s font and color from the design tab. There are twelve color options available in the Kadence WP theme. The WordPress live customizer utility allows you to change the color scheme.

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The Kadence theme can show the page/post title in the content or above the content. You can choose to display the sidebar or boxed content. Kadence allows you to display content in full width, or with some padding/right/left margins. This is the Narrow style. Kadence allows users to set the aspect ratio of the featured image. The featured image can be displayed above, below, or in the background of the page/post title.

Background image for pages

Kadence users can make the featured image of the post as the background of the pages of the site with a click of a button. You can also set a background color for archive/home pages and single page pages.

Kadence Starter template

Kadence Demo Color Scheme

Once you install and activate the Kadence theme, you’ll be prompted to install a “Starter template”. Install the “Starter Template” if you don’t want the hassle of customizing your site. After you have installed the template, Kadence will prompt you to select the page builder that you prefer. Kadence asked me to choose between Elementor or Gutenberg as my page builder. After you select a page builder, a list with demos will appear. You can choose from a variety of color schemes in the WordPress live customizer tool. There are also options to import your entire site or just the home page.

Hooked elements

Hooked Elements is a feature through which you can add blocks to the pages of a site on a certain condition. This feature can be used to display a contact form block to only registered users or to post from a particular category. Only Kadence Premium users have access to this feature.

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The free Kadence template is available for download in the WordPress repository. Kadence Pro is priced at $69. The software comes with an unlimited usage license. The developer also offers a full membership plan priced at $169. The Kadence Pro/Blocks Pro/Woo Additionals plugin is included in this plan. You’ll be able to access the new theme if the license is still valid. The developer offers Lifetime licenses too priced at $269 and $599.


Footer and header builder: Many themes offer basic footer and header customization options. Kadence comes with a drag-and-drop header/footer maker tool that supports many elements. This tool allows you to create a beautiful footer in minutes.

Blog post styles: Kadence supports multiple post layouts and it enables users to change the order of the post elements.

Lightweight and fast: The size of the CSS and JS files that powers Kadence is below 50 KB. Layout shifts are not caused by the theme’s elements.


Kadence is a beautiful responsive WordPress theme. This theme supports multiple styles of blog posts and has a footer/header-builder tool.