*The StudioPress Navigation Pro WP theme is beautiful and suitable for niche sites such as travel, law, health, and food. StudioPress had launched it in 2020. StudioPress had launched it in .

StudioPress Navigation Pro review


Navigation Pro is a premium Genesis Framework child theme. This will only work if you have installed the Genesis Framework. Make sure you download the Navigation Pro theme and the Framework. After you have installed the Framework, install Navigation Pro. After you have completed the installation, Navigation Pro will prompt you to import the demo content and install plugins. You can also install the demo content to your site and make any changes you need.

Navigation Pro Above The Fold


The Navigation Pro theme’s search utility is embedded in its header. Clicking the search icon will open a text box that allows users to enter their search query. Then, they can hit the return/enter key.

Download the theme here

Hamburger menu

The StudioPress theme shows a responsive hamburger menu when the site powered by this theme is accessed from a mobile device or a table. Navigation Pro displays the menu icon on the right and the logo/image on the left on a mobile phone.

Stylized breadcrumbs

Some WordPress themes have an option to enable breadcrumbs. You can enable breadcrumbs by placing a barebone breadcrumb in the top of the page title. Navigation Pro has a stylized breadcrumb to match the template’s colors.

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Pages and posts

Content Area

On the desktop, the above the fold section flaunts a hero image on the pages/posts of the site. The image occupies 75% to 85% of the above the fold area. N Pro displays the blog post/page title below this image. Below the title, the theme boasts its text content. N Pro can display a sidebar on either the left or right side of the text. Sidebars can be hidden by N Pro.

Navigation Pro displays a large white space to the left and right of text content in full-width mode. This white space helps ensure that the user’s attention is on the content, and not other elements on the site. Navigation Pro theme adjusts the image’s size, padding and sidebar to ensure that text content is easily visible on mobile devices. NPro displays the name of the author and the date that the post was published.

After Entry Author Bio

The StudioPress Navigation Pro theme’s bio box contains a rounded gravatar image, the links to the author’s social media profiles, and his/her brief bio. The background color is only a small part of the bio. The bio section looks great with this color.

Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks, previously known as Atomic Blocks is a plugin developed by StudioPress. It adds modules the Gutenberg editor. Some of the modules that Genesis Blocks adds to the site are as follows:

  • Pricing table, grid.
  • Newsletter, etc.

With the Genesis Blocks plugin and the Gutenberg modules, you can create powerful pages for your website.

After entry area

All StudioPress themes feature an after entry widget area. Navigation Pro is no exception. In this section, you can put a newsletter/deals/related posts widget or a responsive horizontal or rectangle ad unit.

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The Navigation Pro WP theme footer is divided into two sections. The first section displays the site/business logo and site name. It also contains links to the privacy policies/about pages. The 2nd section allows you to display the icons for social media that link to your profiles. The footer is not sticky. Scroll down to see the footer.

WooCommerce support

Navigation Pro Woocommerce

Navigation Pro is WooCommerce friendly template. Your website can then be used to sell products and services.

Fonts and layout

The size of the font of the navbar and text content on the pages is 18px by default. Montserrat is the font used for the template pages. Montserrat font is the most elegant. Navigation Pro supports up 4 columns. It is mobile-friendly.


The Navigation Pro template along with other Genesis child themes launched by StudioPress now belong to the Genesis Pro pack that costs $360 on StudioPress.com. Before July 2021, this template used to cost $129.9. StudioPress no longer sells single themes. In the 2nd week of July 2021, StudioPress had introduced a subscription called “Genesis Pro”. StudioPress’ Genesis Pro pack subscription gives you unlimited access to premium WordPress themes and plugins for one year.

Updates and support

The buyers of the Navigation Pro theme will get 1 year of premium support from the StudioPress team. StudioPress will provide updates for life. StudioPress will provide updates for a lifetime.


Unique design: You won’t find any theme that looks like Navigation Pro.

Nice fonts: The font used on the template looks gorgeous and is easy for the eyes.

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Colors: The color combination of the demo site looks perfect.

Nice effects: N Pro features nice hover effects. The theme will display a dark maroon border above the menu if you move your mouse cursor. Navigation Pro will add both a border and shadow to the content area if you move your cursor over it.

Fast and SEO friendly: Like other StudioPress child themes, the Navigation Pro theme loads quickly in Firefox/Chrome/Safari browsers. It’s search engine friendly too.

Unlimited updates: StudioPress templates get updates as long as you use them. There are no renewal fees for StudioPress templates.



Final thoughts

Navigation Pro from StudioPress is a stylish theme for law, travel, food, and fitness niche websites. The design is original and the font size/color combination are perfect.