. SEMRush is one the most powerful and simple SEO tools available right now. It is used by SEO agencies and organizations of international stature. It generates 16+ reports which you can refer to improve your website’s ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines. These reports can also be used to restore traffic lost due to algorithm updates. SEMRush can help optimize a website to make it more competitive in search engines. What are the features of this tool? These are just two of many questions I answered.

Note: Unlike other sites that have shared 3000+ word review on SEMRush, I’ve kept this review short by covering only the features of the tool. I won’t share stories or things that are too confusing.

SEORush Review

What is SEMRUSH?

SEMRush is an SEO tool that you can use to find the keywords the competitor sites are ranking for. You can also see the backlinks of your competitors and their keyword positions.

How to use it?

To get started with SEMRush, you must enter the domain of the website you want to analyze in the text box that appears in this interface. Next, select a country to search for results.

SEMRush gets results from its massive database of 100+ million entries and displays the same on the screen. You’ll find a list listing the tools SEMRush offers its users to the left of the table.

Note : Users can create and manage projects with SEMRush. It is simple to audit multiple sites using SEMRush.

SEMRush review

What does SEMRUSH display in its table?

Keyword: Unlike the keyword research tools that ask you to manually find a keyword, SEMRush displays a list of the long-tail keywords and short keywords the site is ranking for.

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Position: This field shows the ranking of a keyword in the search engine result pages.

Volume: This metric is important as it makes users aware of the keyword’s popularity.

CPC : The field indicates the average cost of a keyword click. The average amount that the website owner can earn from visitors who click on advertisements placed on pages ranked by keywords.

URL : This column shows the link to the page ranking for the keyword.

Traffic: This field displays the amount of traffic the site gets from the search engine for a given keyword.

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Analyzing several 100 pages manually is not an easy task. SEMRush provides you with a website auditor tool that will display issues on your site. The SEMRUSH bot crawls and displays a list of issues found on your website. To make your site search engine friendly, or fix the Google algorithm update penalty, you must correct the issue.

Backlink analysis

SEMRush ‘s most powerful feature is the backlinks analyzer tool. It crawls millions upon millions of websites every day. SEMRUSH’s backlink report data can be accurate due to the vast amount of websites it has.

. The backlinks report contains five columns: root domain, number backlinks, country/IP and first and last visited. This report can be used to identify spammy links or site-wide ones. SEMRush will not mark a backlink as toxic unless it has thoroughly checked it. To do so, it considers 30 factors. The backlink data can be exported to a CSV file by users.

.SEMRush is a tool that can help you remove the Google Penguin algorithm penalty. It alerts you to any toxic links pointing at your site. After you have identified bad backlinks, create and submit a disavow document to Google/Bing. Is the disavow-file effective? SEMRush allows users to test the efficacy of disavow files.

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Traffic Analysis

SEMRush maintains historical data of the traffic to a website. This allows you to compare your website’s traffic with that of a competitor. It allows you to compare traffic from up to five sites at once. This tool will allow you to view the major traffic sources for a website.

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Keyword Analytics

SEMRush enables users to find keywords with its Keyword Magic Tool. You can use this tool to search for single keywords or multiple keywords. It will show you a list with the most searched long-tail keywords that contain the word/words that you have entered. Filtering or sorting the list can be done by word count, volume and CPC. The keywords can be exported to a file.

Position Tracker

SEMRush enables users to keep an eye on the performance of their site in the search engine by allowing them to see the position of the keywords.

. To set up position tracking you will need to enter your domain name, country, and keywords. Compare your site’s rank for a specific keyword to your competitor.

Brand Monitoring

If you want to know where your site or work was mentioned, you can use the brand monitoring feature of SEMRush. Enter the keyword that you wish to monitor for your brand. You can filter mentions by sentiments and source.

On-Page issues

SEMRush is one of the best tools to find on-page SEO problems. You can specify a date and time when the SEMRush bot will visit your site to crawl it’s pages. You can also choose the user agent of the bot. After crawling your site, the bot will present a list with suggestions that you can use to improve your website’s SEO.

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SEMRush provides three plans – Pro, Guru, and Business. The Pro plan costs $99 per month and it supports 1 user and 5 projects. The Guru plan is priced at $199. It enables you to create and manage up to 50 projects. This plan can be used by two people. SEMRush Business plan costs $399. It supports up to 200 projects and a maximum of 9 users.


  • Plenty of features.
  • Detailed reports.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • Pricing is suitable only for users who are making a lot of money online (base plan costs $99 per month)

Final thoughts

SEMRush is a feature-rich search engine optimization and competitor analysis tool. It gives users access to over 16 detailed reports and many useful tools. This tool is great for those who used to make a lot of money with their website, but now struggle due to algorithm update. It helps you find low quality backlinks as well as on-page SEO issues. SEMRush is also available for people who wish to optimize their website and discover new keywords.