Scott Wallick, one of the founding developers behind the popular Sandbox theme for WordPress has published an announcement on his blog where he states that he is selling the Sandbox website as well as In his post, Scott mentions the following:

I have decided to withdraw from the WordPress community. My active development of themes and plugins has ceased because I’m unable to continue with the development. They have their own life.

My WordPress themes and plugins were inspired from other themes and plug-ins, many of which have been forgotten or abandoned. They stayed and influenced my work. This is how I know that my contributions will continue. Now, however, I’m letting, which I helped create, continue without me – for better or worse.

The domain and any content will be included in the purchase of the websites. Hosting will not be included. Hosting will not be included. These domains have an established brand within the WordPress community.

Although I have never used the Sandbox theme, it is something I have heard countless times since joining the WordPress community. There has been and still is discussion about adding the Sandbox theme to WordPress’ default theme. It remains to be determined if that will occur, but one thing is certain: Scott, Sandbox and PlainTXT have had a positive effect on the WordPress community.

I have invited Scott to appear in a future episode on WordPress Weekly. I will let everyone know if Scott agrees or not.

Hat tip to Ian Stewart

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