*SEMrush is the most powerful search engine optimization tool available. It offers over 32 tools and has a database of over 15 trillion URLs. The app’s database contains information on 500+ million domains owned by users of over 140 countries.

. Instead of using third-party data, Semrush developers built their own bot to crawl website pages and collect data. You can check the raw access log file from the server to see if the bot crawls your site.

.SemRush can be a powerful tool. It is however not free. This is why this tool costs money. The SEO tool can help you get more traffic from search engines if it’s used properly. If you have monetized your site with ads, affiliate programs and the like, more traffic will mean more money.

*SemRush is not free. There are four plans available: Pro, Guru Enterprise, Enterprise and Business. Its base plan is priced at $99. That’s correct! You must first explore the features of the app before you sign up for any plan, regardless of how many reviews there are. This will help you decide if it’s right for your business or personal needs. SemRush provides a free trial and a free account to these users.

. The free trial of Semrush is great for those who wish to try out the features before purchasing a plan.

Free account vs trial

Let’s first understand the difference between a free and a trial account. The app will not ask for billing information (credit card) when you create a free account. You’ll have unlimited access to the app until your account is active if you sign up for the free trial. You will also be asked to enter your credit card information.


What details does the app ask during account registration?

The SaaS app asks users to enter the email address and a password. When you sign up for a free account, it doesn’t ask you verify your email address. If you choose to sign up for the free trial, however, you will need to provide valid credit card information.

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. After you have submitted the form, SEMrush will register your account and you can log into the app to see its many cool features.

Sign up SEMrush Guru trial account here

Sign up for a SemRush Pro trial account here

When does the trial period expire?

SEMrush free account offer doesn’t expire. It does not allow you to access all of its features. You can only see the first page of the backlink tool report. Are there filters that you can use? The application allows you to sort and filter data.

Things you can do with your free/trial account:

Check if website traffic has increased or decreased

Google unleashes new algorithm updates often. You can view the traffic report in SEMrush to see if your website was affected by the update.

See backlinks of your site or your competitor’s website

SEMrush won’t give you a detailed insight or information on your website’s backlinks but it will make you aware of basic things which include:

  • The number of nofollow links pointing to your website.
  • The date on which the SEMrush bot found the backlink.
  • The number of dofollow links pointing to your site.
  • and more

Other features

  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Keyword research.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • SEO ideas.
  • Project management, etc.

For more details, go through our SEMrush review.

Limits for free/trial account

SEMrush restricts the number of requests you can make to its database no matter what account you use. You’ll be prompted to upgrade your account using the credit card details once the limit has been reached. You can request the removal of restrictions at any time.

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You can make up to 10 requests to the SEMrush database every day with the free account. The plan that they have chosen will determine the restrictions for users who sign up for a free trial. For example, Pro or Guru account owners have a limitation of 10000, 30000 results per day.

SEMrush Pro trial account lets you track up to 500 keywords and create up to 5 projects. SEMrush Guru trial account enables you to track up to 1500 keywords and create and manage up to 50 projects.

Sign up for the SEMrush Guru trial account here

Sign up for the SEMrush Pro trial account here

Final thoughts

SEMrush free trial offer is a great deal for users that want to try out the features of the world’s most popular search engine optimization tool before buying a plan.