Andrew Rickmann is a regular at the Tavern and spent January focusing on themes. He was open to my ideas and I sent them back. However, he also published a lot of useful information about topics that I feel need more discussion. Andrew, this post is my tribute!

Monday Poll: Premium Theme Features – Andrew highlights many of the factors that may go into calling a theme ‘premium‘. Then he asks, “What is the premium quality of a theme?” Ironically, there is also a forum thread about the same topic that you can view .

How do you add sidebars in a theme ? This was one of the articles that Andrew requested to highlight during the month. Sometimes we find a theme that suits our needs, but we would prefer to have another sidebar for widgets. This articles gives you the 411 on how to do just that.

Post an image in a thumbnail format Andrew explains how to use a post image to create a thumbnail on a news/magazine layout. This can also be used to give your archive pages a more professional look. Even more, he provides code that you can include to your functions.php file.

Premium themes are translatable themes – How many people use themes who do not post in English? Andrew will explain how to translate a theme for those who don’t speak English. This is an important topic because WordPress is widely used around the world.

How modular should a theme be? I won’t give a summary. Instead, I’ll give you a teaser because this is an interesting question:

I don’t know how many of your theme code you would like to share or how many you want to take away from others. But next time you create some complicated code to format something within your theme, consider whether it is necessary to connect it directly to WordPress. If you can, you should also separate it and then share it.

This, after all is the idea behind open-source and community development.

Can you do without widgets? Will themes keep providing maximum flexibility and removing structures, or will they stop the endless cycle of providing more?

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That’s my Andrew Rickmann spotlight. If you do not have Andrew’s Fun With WordPress blog in your RSS feedreader, I highly advise you to head on over there and add it right now!