*. Property listing portals can charge large fees to list a property. If the company does not ask for money to create a new listing, they may prompt you to pay a commission if a customer purchases your property. The site doesn’t guarantee that your apartments, buildings, shops or offices will sell. The reason is that there may be millions of listings on the portals.

*The sites allow you to filter properties by price, features and listing date. Will the site rank your property high in search results? The company also sells advertising spots to real estate agents and builders to make additional cash. Website visitors won’t notice your listing if the property you have listed is more expensive than the one in the ad. Why pay commission or 1000+ dollar fees when you can launch your own WordPress real estate website powered by the AgentPress Pro theme.


AgentPress Pro has been designed and developed by StudioPress, a WordPress development company that carries a wealth of experience in designing and building themes and plugins from scratch. This plugin allows you to quickly create a stunning and user-friendly property listing website without the need to hire a developer. It is currently one of the best real estate themes. This template doesn’t have complicated options.


One of the foremost requirements of the AgentPress Pro theme is Genesis Framework. The AgentPress plugin is the second requirement. After downloading the Framework and the theme, you can install it using the WordPress theme installer utility. Next, use the same procedure to install the template. Then, install the plugin.

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What does the plugin do? This plugin adds a custom property listing template and widgets to your site. You can also create custom taxonomies. Taxonomies allow users to group and manage pages. A listing created with the AgentPress Listing plugin can have the following elements:

  • A large picture of the real estate.
  • A map showing the location of the property.
  • Image gallery.
  • Address, price, description.

This plugin helps users create listings that look like the ones published on the world’s best property portals. After installing the Genesis Framework and theme, you can use the WordPress live customizer to personalize your site.

Features of the AgentPress Pro theme:


The home page of the AgentPress Pro theme has about six widget areas. It can be configured to display a search engine that allows users to find properties by price, type, number, and so on. You can place a recent blog post/featured listing widget below this widget. Or a widget that displays a list all properties available in a grid interface. Each column displays the property’s rectangular thumbnail and price. You can also click on the link to go to the official listing page.

Posts and design

AP Pro has a responsive design. It supports six post layouts and drop down menus. You can display sidebars either side-by-side or side by side on the post. It also lets users hide the sidebar, upload the website logo, and display post content at 100% width. A landing page template is included with the theme. You can change the color scheme from blue, red, green or gold.

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The template is responsive. The template’s width and height can be adjusted to adjust the browser’s width. AgentPress Pro’s intelligent design means that there is no need to create a separate mobile website.


StudioPress AgentPress Pro has a customizable multi-column footer area where you can display:

  • The details of your firm or your information.
  • Address of the firm/office.
  • Social networking icons pointing to your Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc.

Below the footer, the template lets users display a copyright notice.

SEO and speed

AP Pro template is SEO friendly. Because it contains many elements, a property portal can be slow. StudioPress AgentPress Pro is, however, very fast.

Support, Pricing, and documentation

AgentPress Pro theme costs $99. 55 on StudioPress.com. The AgentPress Pro theme will give you access to detailed tutorials on the Genesis Framework.

Will you have to pay money after using the theme for a year?

Well, you won’t have to pay renewal fees for getting future theme updates. This WordPress template is available for unlimited updates. New users receive support for one year. You can then post AgentPress/Genesis Framework issues for one year.



  • Elegant design.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Search engine friendly.


  • None

Final thoughts

If you’re not a tech-savvy person, StudioPress AgentPress Pro is the best WordPress real-estate theme for you. AP Pro is simple to set up. It’s lightweight, mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and fast. It is a beautiful design with a valid HTML code.

Update: The AgentPress Pro template is no longer available for purchase as its developer StudioPress has archived it.

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