*Authority Pro from StudioPress is a Gutenberg-ready and SEO optimized WordPress child theme. This is StudioPress’s most popular and attractive WordPress theme. Its stunning design allows it to be used on all kinds of websites.

.Authority Pro uses a minimalist responsive design. Its home, category and tag are all stylish. While AP is a stunning theme, it is not as powerful as the other StudioPress WP templates. It is SEO-friendly and quick. Let’s see if it is SEO friendly and fast.


Once you download the theme and genesis framework, use the WordPress theme installer tool to install the Framework and StudioPress Authority Pro. Install the Framework first. The theme installer is located where? The theme installer is located on the themes pages, which can be found in the Appearance menu.

Home Page

The theme enables you to place an opt-in form on the home page. A featured widget can be placed below this form. If you include the logos/names from sites where your work has been featured, this widget will let people know about your popularity.

(*StudioPress authority Pro allows users to add a testimonial or recent post widget to their homepage. Website owners can use testimonials to help them get more subscribers or leads. The latest post widget aids in the distribution of link juice throughout the site. It helps to reduce the blog’s bounce rate.


The design of the header section of the StudioPress Authority Pro theme has been kept simple. The header can be divided into two sections. You can place your logo in the first section. The 2nd section allows users to place a menu bar. AP, like other StudioPress WordPress templates supports drop-down menus.

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. Users can also highlight a particular menu with a specific colour. The header is responsive. A beautiful toggle menu will appear when a visitor visits your website from a mobile device. To expand the menu, the visitor must tap on the toggle button. You can add a message to the top banner section of the Authority Pro template. This message could point to a hyperlink. The banner is located above the header.

Download Authority Pro theme

Blog section

StudioPress Authority Pro theme displays a full-width featured image at the top of the blog post title and below the header region. The blog post area is located below the featured image. A sidebar is also available. There are four parts to the blog post section. The first part of the blog post section displays the title of the post and the date it was published.

*Below this section, you will find the post content. StudioPress Authority Pro then displays the post tags as well as the author bio. The post comment section is located below the bio. Threaded comments are supported by WordPress. The fonts of the title and text can be changed by users. Authority Pro includes a floating social menu. This menu includes links to your social media accounts. This menu appears by default on the left sidebar of blog posts.


Authority Pro’s footer section resembles the header. Only the font is different between the two sections. The font used for the links in the footer is a different one. They are also very small. There is a blank area in the theme’s footer. It is approximately the same size as featured image.

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If you buy the theme, you don’t have to use a third-party SEO Plugin such as Yoast. After installing the Genesis framework and theme, the SEO settings option will be available under the Genesis menu in your WordPress dashboard. You can activate breadcrumbs, disable/enable trackbacks, trackbacks, and configure H1 title settings. You can also install your preferred SEO plugin to your Authority Pro theme-powered website if you don’t wish to use the built-in SEO module.

. The Genesis Framework settings panel allows you to add header and footer scripts without having to modify the theme files. It can be configured to prevent certain categories from appearing within the archives.


Authority Pro can be customized with the WordPress live customizer tool. When you activate the theme, it automatically adds new options for the default live customizer. You will find many options in the customizer interface.


Pricing and updates

A few months back, Authority Pro used to cost $130. StudioPress no longer sells individual themes. Authority Pro is now a part of the Genesis Pro pack that you can buy for $360. When you buy the package, you’ll enjoy premium support from StudioPress support staff and unlimited updates for a year. All premium StudioPress WP themes, plugins and templates will be available to you.

Authority Pro theme alternatives:

Although AP is a great theme, if you can’t buy it because of some reason, you can use one of the following two themes:

GeneratePress or Astra: GeneratePress Premium and Astra Pro are lightweight, fast, and beautiful WP themes users can use to create various types of sites. Both templates cost $59/year. Astra offers a header-building tool. You can customize many elements. GeneratePress is flexible and supports many layouts.

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Divi: Divi WP theme + Divi builder lets you create feature-rich WP sites of various niches. You can buy it for $89/year.


  • Fast.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Lifetime updates and forum support from other StudioPress users.


  • None