Welcome back to the WordPress Tavern Friday Happy Hour. This post will give you a brief summary of the WordPress Tavern Community’s activities each Friday.

From The Forum:

CForms 2 Removed From The Repository – Earlier this week, the popular CForms 2 Plugin was removed from the plugin repository due to it violating the WordPress Plugin Repository guidelines. Although the plugin will be maintained under a compatible license, it won’t be available on the plugin repository.

Using WordPress As A Full Fledged CMS – I started a forum thread for everyone to post not only their ideas, but actual websites in use where WordPress is being used as a full blown content management site. To make this possible, I need a list plugins and techniques.

What I Would Like To Hear At A WordCamp – Jacob Santos describes what it is he would like to hear at a WordCamp. I also shared what I would like to hear. This thread contains information about starting WordCamp events.

Why Do You Use WordPress – We all have a story as to why we use WordPress. These stories are the culmination of them all. This thread is an amalgamation of them. Join the conversation and tell us your reasons for using WordPress.

Are You A Theme Hopper? Kit posted this question on the forum. It was answered by many theme hoppers. It’s kind of like a can full of Pringles. Once you pop, you can’t stop!

There is so much more going on in this forum than I have mentioned. Have a seat in the Tavern and join the conversation.

Welcoming Party:

I’d like to say thank you to the following members for joining WordPress Tavern forum. (These are their usernames)

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James, Lorelle, greenshady, katemag, ptahdunbar, Brad, improvingtheweb, aaronwaggs, donnacha, jond, stefanvervoort, GaMerZ, robwhiteus, Techkitten, M.J., margaretroach, Many, Dan Schulz, andrew, PaulCunningham, kdmurray, Jacob Santos, Ted, JGR

Other news and tidbits:

The first article on WordPress Tavern to be submitted to StumbleUpon is: Matt Mullenweg Talks To USA Today. It was a great honor to receive the article.

If you aren’t following WordPress Tavern on Twitter yet, I encourage you to. You can follow the account by visiting the @WPTavern Twitter page and clicking the follow button. The Twitter account is used to notify my followers about new updates. I also use it to share WordPress tidbits, hot topics, and other information. I also tap into the vast knowledge of WordPress users to find new themes and plugins.

Over the course of this weekend or early next week, I’ll be installing something called OIO Publisher. This plugin will allow me to manage display advertising on my WordPress site. So don’t be shocked to see 125X125 images starting next week.

Later in the evening, I will address a topic that has come up in forum about advertising. The forum guidelines say

3. Advertisements are not allowed. Advertisements are not allowed. Posts that are intended to promote a website, product, or service are generally considered advertising. It doesn’t matter if the website is commercial, personal, or non-profit. Advertisements are authorized and/or sold on a case by case basis. If you are interested in utilizing this option, please contact me via THIS CONTACT PAGE.

I have decided that any plugin or theme developer who creates a new thread to discuss a plugin/theme they have just released is advertising. It is not considered advertising if a thread is created by someone other than the developer. However, I am changing the guidelines to make it clear that developers are not allowed to private message other members of this forum in order to share information about their theme or plugin developments. Your account could be suspended, or worse, even banned. In the context of a monetization strategy, I might create a forum for plugin/theme authors if there is a demand. These guidelines are important until then.

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WordPress Weekly will begin next week under the WPTavern website. A new co-host will also be producing the show. Next week, I will reveal who that person is. In conjunction with the podcast, the poll that is located on the front page of the site in the sidebar to the right-hand side of the site will change each week. It’s a listener poll. Each episode of WordPress Weekly will feature the results and the next week’s question.

Last, but not least, the site will be launched in public beta next week. It would be great if you could write a brief description of the site and the forum starting next week. Please contact me via my Contact page via the Contact link at top of this blog if you encounter bugs or other errors.


That wraps up the first installment of the Friday Happy Hour. For a complete overview of what’s happening at the Tavern, check back next week. Remember, the drinks are always on the house!