The following guest post was written by Brad Williams of

I have been using WordPress for several years and my projects have begun to evolve into bleeding-edge software. Bleeding edge software is defined as “technology that is so new (and thus, presumably, not perfected) that the user is required to risk reductions in stability and productivity in order to use itref. My three current tasks are WordPress MU and BuddyPress. They all need to work seamlessly together. That doesn’t seem possible, does it? This is the price we have to pay in order to push the boundaries of WordPress development.

The Bitter: A new BuddyPress-focused website is being created. This requires an alpha installation of bbPress to be installed on top of WordPress MU 2.7 Beta. Just thinking about installing beta software on top alpha software makes my head spin. There are still bugs in all three packages. So why not use them? I cannot ignore the benefits of bleeding-edge functionality.

The Sweet: It’s a great place to be at the “bleeding Edge ” WordPress functionality. Many bugs that I find are active tickets in Development Trac. This allows me to fix them for both myself and the community. It’s really exciting to be involved in the development BuddyPress or any other open-source project.

Bleeding Edge Software Development is not for everyone, but it’s great to support these open-source projects in any way you can. These projects would be lost if they were not used. Therefore, there is a need for cutting-edge software developers. I am happy to fulfill that role. Get code!

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