I had my eye on a very popular WordPress JupiterX theme for a while now. It is regularly listed in the top 10 best selling WordPress themes by ThemeForest.

After some deliberation I decided to take the step and use the JupiterX theme for my corporate website, blinderwebdesign.nl.

What is JupiterX and what can you do with it? In this review I will tell you all about it.

WordPress JupiterX theme

The theme has been around since 2013 and since then it has been in the top of the best selling WordPress themes for a long time. The creators have moved with the times and the theme has grown along with the rapid developments that websites have to deal with.

JupiterX now also has the option to build the website with the page builder Elementor. And that gives this theme a lot of possibilities to customize it to your own wishes and demands. For example, it offers a lot of possibilities to compose the header and footer. There is also a possibility to build the website in the WP Bakery builder.

Not for nothing it says on their featured image: customize everything.

JupiterX is such a multi-purpose theme (freely translated: usable for everything…) with lots of demos. You can choose from more than 400 different websites. With a few clicks a demo is easy to install and you already have a ready-made website in your chosen style.

That can also be a disadvantage, because you can’t see the wood for the trees through the many themes. But the best tactic is to really take your time and choose the right demo. Don’t make a hasty decision, there is always a suitable theme.

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Each theme is also designed with a business purpose, so specifically for an industry or target group. With websites for contractors, photographers or a coach.

Take a look at this movie:

Layout possibilities

There are many possibilities to format the website. I chose a theme with Elementor as page builder. Even if you have installed the demo theme, there are still plenty of options to format the pages differently.

Let me give an example.

You can use the blocks of Elementor to create your own page. But… if you click on the right circle (add template), you get access to ready-made templates. Among them are:

  • blocks;
  • pages;
  • my templates (which you have copied yourself).

If you go to the blocks and click on JupiterX at the top, all blocks of the theme will appear. A block for a blog, for a price table, a footer and much more.

You click on ‘insert’ and it will be copied at the bottom of your page. Not every theme has this possibility. It’s beautiful!


The <a href=”https://wpjournalist.nl/recommends/wordpress-jupiterx-theme/”>JupiterX theme is versatile and you can do anything with it. From webshop to news website. They also take the latest innovations into account. For example, my demo theme has a whatsapp button on the contact page. If you click on it you go directly to your whatsapp. Handy for customers if they want to reach you through their mobile phone with an app.

The theme also has its own contact form. It is easy to add and has for example an acceptance function, so the form can be made AVG proof.

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Interestingly, there are also a large number of optional plugins offered.

For instance, there is a plugin to set up your online marketing, using popups and other tools. But you can also completely customize the product page of your webshop or apply certain filters. Very handy.


Are there any disadvantages? Yes, there are.

The disadvantage is that there is no possibility to translate words or sentences within the theme, for example in the theme options. Many other themes do have this feature. You have to install a separate plugin (loco Translate) to translate the words(read more, add a comment, etc).

Personally I think the theme options are not very clear either. You have to search for the right colours, fonts or layout. In other themes it is often a bit easier to find out. But after some practice you get the hang of it.

Want to buy the theme? Check out the details on WordPress JupiterX theme