Ubersuggest was an online keyword research tool, which was purchased by Neil Patel many years ago. Neil made the tool part of his blog, and hired developers to improve Ubersuggest.

. Today, in addition to finding keywords, the tool can also be used for traffic analysis, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and traffic analysis. There are many free and paid tools for SEO that you can find online. Are Ubbersuggest and these other tools a better alternative? Let’s see what it is.

Getting started

Ubersuggest doesn’t require registration and it is an advertisement free tool. Ubersuggest is not a tool that restricts how many times you can use it. It can only be used for a limited time. Here’s the list of features Ubersuggest provides to the users:


The “dashboard” is the latest feature introduced in the Ubersuggest tool. You can track keywords rankings/positions, filter data by dates and export report data as a PDF file. To access the dashboard, you will need to log in using your Google account. Ubersuggest does not have a registration form.

Ubersuggest review

Keyword research

This interface of Ubersuggest displays a textbox and a search button. The text box allows you to enter either a keyword or a domain. Ubersuggest will show you the keywords that the site ranks for if you type a domain name in the text box and then click the search button. When you enter a word/words in the textbox and click the button, the keyword tool displays the following details:

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Search volume: This metric displays the number of times a keyword is searched on Google.

SEO difficulty: It makes you aware of the possibility of your site ranking in the Google search engine.

Paid Difficulty: This unit displays the competition your site will face during PPC campaigns with the selected keyword.

Cost Per Click: If you’re monetizing your website with Google ads, you can refer this unit to find high CPC keywords.

Filters: Ubersuggest enables you to filter keywords by country-level Google search engines. Google launched a new search engine for each country.

Performance: I’ve mixed reviews on the performance of Ubersuggest. Sometimes, the app displays the keywords report within 10 to 20 seconds you click the search button. Sometimes, the app will only show its search animation for several minutes

How accurate the keyword data is?

I’ve used Serpstat, SemRush, KWFinder. Similar to other tools, the report data is similar.

Backlinks analysis

Ubersuggest’s backlink analyzer tool enables you to see the domain score of the URL/domain you’ve entered and filter the backlinks by their type. Backlinks can be classified into two types: follow or nofollow. The web app also displays:

  • The number of domains that are linking to the site you’ve entered.
  • Backlinks the entered domain has.
  • The count of nofollow links.

Ubersuggest lets you sort the data/list of backlinks by the domain score, page score, first seen data, and the last seen date.

Site Audit

Ubersuggest gives you access to a powerful website auditing tool that displays the On-Page SEO score of your site, pages suffering from SEO issues, and tips you can follow to fix the problems. Ubbersuggest issues can be divided into three types: Easy, Moderate and Hard. These issues are also displayed in the tool’s SEO report.

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Traffic Analyzer

This tool of Ubersuggest makes you aware of the number of visitors a website gets. It displays which pages get the most traffic and what keywords they rank for. Ubersuggest lets you filter pages by country. It displays the traffic a site has received every month in the past 12 months.

Facebook share and Pinterest pins

Although it has not been proved that nofollow links from the social media sites help in improving search engine rankings, you should keep a track of the number of shares the pages of your site have got if:

  • You want your website to get traffic from Facebook or Pinterest
  • You strongly believe that social media sites influence search engine rankings.

Ubersuggest shows the number of times the page of your website was shared on Facebook or pinned on Pinterest.


A great deal of information: Ubersuggest can display several details of a website with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Price: The 2nd biggest advantage of Ubersuggest over other similar tools is that its paid plans are cheaper.

UI: Ubersuggest has an easy to use and beautiful user interface.


Some of the features of Ubersuggest stops working at random intervals. Instead of showing data, the tool displays animations.

Final thoughts: Ubersuggest is a good alternative to other search engine optimization tools. It is easy to use and powerful. You can access several reports.