Uniregistry is an ICANN-approved domain registrar that started selling TLDs in the year 2012. Frank Schilling, an internet entrepreneur founded it. The company currently manages more than 2 million domains.

Uniregistry review & features

Search box

domain search

One of the coolest features of Uniregistry is its ajax powered domain name searching tool. When you type a keyword into the textbox, Uniregistry will show both premium and unregistered domains. This tool is fascinating to me because it checks if the domain name exists before creating a list. You won’t be able to find the domain if it isn’t available in the list.

Supported TLDs

Uniregistry enables you to register .com, .net, . org, .tv, .link, .xyz, .co, .inc, .cloud, and 413 other TLDs, ccTLDs, etc for a price starting at $0.99.

Domain perks

Uniregistry offers 3 special Domain Perk plans for people who own several domains. These plans can save you money on domain registrations, renewals, transfers, and other costs. The Pro plan offers a 20% discount on gTLDs and a 25% discount on ccTLDs. The Elite and Elite Plus plan will provide a 50% discount on gTLDs and ccTLDs. The three plans offer a 5 to 10% discount on premium domain transactions.

How to register a new domain with Uniregistry?

Once you find that the domain is available for registration, select it and click the “Add to cart” button. The screen will now display a popup box. You will be asked to enter your first, last, email address, password, and username. Click the submit button to enter the required details. Click the drop-down menu to modify the registration period. Click the “Continue”, and then choose your preferred payment method. You can complete the transaction by making payment.

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Domain manager

uniregistry domain manager

Uniregistry makes the difficult task of managing domains a breeze with its intuitive domain manager tool. This tool lets you set up nameservers, unlock/lock domains, edit the WhoIs data, enable whois privacy protection, etc,


Uniregistry market

If you own a bunch of domains or a high-value domain and want to sell it on a trustworthy marketplace, you should check out Uniregistry’s market section. Uniregistry offers an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage the domains in its marketplace. Uniregistry allows you to submit multiple domains at once.

How does this thing work?

Once you enter the names, you’ll be asked to enter the price and nameservers. Click the button to “Appraise domains using Estibot”. Uniregistry will then query Estibot to determine the value of your domain. Uniregistry will set the price for your domain names once Estibot has responded with a value. Before submitting domains to the market, you can view the price.

Once you submit the domains, your domains will be in front of 1000s of Uniregistry users. You will be notified by email when you are offered a domain. Users can choose a landing page to be used with their parked domains from the registrar. You can also see how many people visited your parked domain.

SSL Certificates

Uniregistry sells three types of SSL certificates – single domain, multi-domain, and WildCard. UniSSL is the cheapest SSL certificate. This certificate costs $19/year and it is compatible with a single website. The multi-domain certificate costs $95 and it supports 5 domains. The wildcard certificate supports unlimited subdomains of a single domain and is priced at $129.

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. The registrar shared a step by step tutorial on configuring SSL certificates with Apache, IIS and Nginx web servers. If you wish to change from HTTP to HTTPS, make sure to follow the instructions. After you have enabled the certificate and set up redirects, your browser will display a green padlock symbol. Uniregistry’s SSL certificates support 99% of the web browsers.


uniregistry domain transfer

Fed up with the poor customer support, interface, or features of your existing registrar? Uniregistry offers a better alternative to other registrars. This company allows bulk transfers. The company charges the same fees to transfer and register domains. It keeps a record of all domains that have been transferred.

. Transferring domains to Uniregistry can be done in a few steps. Simply add the domains that you wish to transfer to the textbox on Uniregistry’s “Transfer Domains” page and then click the “Continue” button. Uniregistry will ask you to unlock the domain by logging in to your dashboard at your current registrar. Next, you will be asked to pay “Transfer Fees”. Uniregistry will then ask you to pay the “Transfer Fees”.

Two-factor authentication

2FA is an optional service which users can enable to protect their account and domains. Uniregistry will ask you to enter a backup phone number while activating this feature. You will be prompted to scan a QR code with the 2FA authenticator app.


Uniregistry offers chat, phone, and ticket-based support to the users. Within 5 minutes, the live chat team will reply to your question. Within a few hours, the support team will respond to your ticket.

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Have I used Uniregistry?

Yes, I had registered my 1st domain with them in the year 2016. I used their service till 2017 (I let the domain expire). The company was great. Currently, I am using NameCheap which is one of the top 3 registrars on the internet.


  • Powerful dashboard.
  • 3 modes of support.


  • None.

Final thoughts

Uniregistry is one of the best registrars I’ve used to date. It is easy to use and intuitive.