In early 2021, the upward trend of the WordPress cms continues: it is more popular than ever!

A year ago, 35.4 percent of all websites in the world were built with WordPress. In January 2021 that percentage was 39.5 percent, an increase of over four percent!

WordPress cms popularity

WordPress is still by far the most popular content management system in the world and dominates the building of the website market. If you look at the other open source systems, they are losing ground. The use of Joomla has been declining for a few years is now 2.2 percent. But Drupal also fell last year from 1.7 to 1.5 percent. TYPO3, a cms used by for example governmental organizations, also has a downward trend.

Source: W3Techs

The supremacy of the WordPress cms is great and the four percent increase is the largest in the last ten years.

The explanation can be found in a major innovation in WordPress with the arrival of the Gutenberg editor. This editor, which allows you to build an article or page using blocks, was partly responsible for a major boost. It makes it even easier to build websites yourself.

But also the high pace of improvements contributes to this. This year saw many new releases, including WordPress 5.6.

State of the Word

In addition to the open source systems, there are also commercial parties with their own – often paid – content management systems. Think of Wix and Squarespace. These two commercial competitors remain fairly stable and fluctuate around 1.5 percent of worldwide use.

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These numbers are dwarfed by the rise of WordPress, which also has many great things in store for you in 2021. You can listen to this in The State of The Word, in which founder Matt Mullenweg looks back at the end of each year and also looks ahead to the future of WordPress.

The growth is not over yet; the WordPress cms remains unprecedentedly popular. The prediction is that this year the magic limit of 40 percent will be exceeded.

And finally, another fun statistic: the WordPress cms crosses the line of websites not built by a cms or built by an unknown cms. Another great milestone. So having a WordPress website built is still a good option for a future proof website.

Source: W3Techs