Hello there! The WordPress Tavern is your home. Another WordPress-centric website, but with some differences. This website is written by Jeff Chandler. For those who don’t know me, I’ve written for WordPress websites such as WPHacks.com, WeblogToolsCollection.com and others. The WordPress Weekly podcast is also a moderately popular show. In June of 2007., I started using WordPress. This is how WordPress came to be.

I bought everything that I needed in May. I purchased a domain and hosting along with a few other bits. Although I knew what I wanted the site to do and how I wanted it to look I was unsure where to start. Numerous times WordPress was recommended to me and Pete even suggested I use WordPress. So that’s what I did. At first, I was unable to understand the WordPress templating system. Because I was familiar with Joomla, I decided to give up and use it instead. Joomla offered too many options for what I wanted. I gave WordPress another chance and have not looked back since.

Another WordPress Website?

You might wonder why there is another WordPress site. The site isn’t just focused on WordPress, but WordPress is the core. I plan on covering the entire spectrum of projects under the Automattic umbrella such as BBPress, WordPress.com, BuddyPress, WordPress MU (Multi User), and much more. This site will feature content created by both the WPTavern and WordPress communities.


Speaking of community, we already have a rocking forum online and accessible to the public which I highly encourage you to register an account with and partake in the interesting discussions taking place on a daily basis. The Chatbox is a place where members of the community can chat and interact throughout the day.

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I have big plans for this site. WPTavern has three main goals. First, to be successful. The second is to build a community. The third is to use this as my only source of income. The third point is that although there aren’t any advertisements yet on the site and forum, they will soon be. In the coming days and weeks, I will be adding advertising spots on the forum as well as the site. I know which advertising methods are most annoying and which ones are less annoying. I can assure you that I will not be using popups or flashing ads at you. Instead, I plan on using graphic banner ads, the 125X125 kind mixed in possibly with some 468X60 banner slots. Things will change as the WPTavern project develops.

The site is in beta form so if you come across a styling issue, an error, or notice something just isn’t working, please contact me via the contact form on this site.

I’ll be posting information in the coming days that highlights different happenings on the site and explains certain features. We are grateful that you have taken the time to visit the WordPress Tavern. Don’t forget the drink specials! You can relax and have thoughtful discussions about WordPress, an open-source software.