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WP Weekly Episode 41 – Interview With Scott Wallick

wordpressweeklylogo In episode 41 of WordPress Weekly, David Peralty and I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Scott Wallick, the creator of the veryplaintxt theme as well as the Sandbox theme. That’s right, David Peralty is my new co-host for WordPress Weekly which should be fun.

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Stories Discussed:

WordPress 2.7.1 RC 1 Released

WordPress Tavern Listener Poll:

Each week from now on, I’ll be featuring a new listener poll question on WPTavern.com The poll is located in the sidebar on the right hand side of the site.

Last weeks poll question was: Do you think configuration options need to be added to WordPress to configure Post Revisions?

With a total of 35 votes, 28 of you or 80% voted yes while 7 of you or 20% voted Let A Plugin Solve This Problem.

This Weeks Poll Question Is: Should The Sandbox Theme Be The Next Default Theme In WordPress?

Plugin Picks Of The Week:

JeffPost Templates – Post Templates is a plugin that enables you to save posts as templates. Let’s say you create a Round Up post every Friday with many headings and sections. This plugin allows you to save a particular post structure as a template every Friday, saving you time copying and pasting text each week. Page templates can be created as well.

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DavidMember Access – Member Access allows a WordPress administrator to make individual posts and pages accessible only to logged-in members. Member Access allows for global configuration. This allows all pages and posts to be visible by anyone (the default), or only members. Each post and page can also override this global setting. It is still in beta. It is still in beta.


One Revolution site license will be given away by Brian Gardner to one registered member of this forum. Register an account on WordPress Tavern Forum to be eligible for the giveaway. Then, I will randomly select all registered Member IDs. The winner will be the member ID that is selected. The winner will be contacted via private message. If I choose an ID that does not have an account, I will use the number picker once more until I select a winner. The winner will be announced next week on the Friday the 13th edition of WordPress Weekly.

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Next Episode: Friday February 13th, 2009 8P.M. EST

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

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