*Form is an essential part of any website. It can contain one or more HTML elements that allow you to accept input from website visitors. Forms can be used to:

Improve website : Website visitors can submit feedback via forms. Negative feedback is the best way to improve your website. You can also display testimonials if you run a business website.

Fix Errors: If your website has 100s of pages and you’re the only person managing the website, you can design and build a form that will help visitors report errors on your website pages that can’t be detected by plugins. You won’t find any WordPress plugin that automatically detects and reports grammar errors in blog posts.

Get new Ad offers : Companies that sell products and services online spend hours searching for low-cost advertising opportunities on blogs or websites. You can create and add a custom form on your website to avoid spending too much time looking at ad offers that may not be feasible.

*A feature-rich plugin is required to create powerful and attractive forms. WPForms is the best plugin for building forms. WPForms is one of the top 20 plugins of all time. It is used by more than 2 million people.

WPForms review and features


The WPForms plugin gives you access to several templates aka pre-built forms. The plugin will show a list with pre-built forms before you can create a new form. Select a template from this list. You can then customize the form to your specifications. Some of the pre-designed forms offered by the plugin are as follows:

  • Baseball league, Webinar, Summer Camp, Wedding invitation registration form.
  • Sponsorship request form.
  • RSVP form, Polls, etc.
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Supported Elements

The WPForms plugin enables users to add complex and basic HTML elements such as file uploader, checkboxes, menu, etc to the form.

Example usage : The file uploader allows users to upload files. You can choose to have the file processed by code or by a human being. The checkbox module displays both a text and a checkbox. Multiple checkboxes can be displayed at once, so the user must choose one.

Other HTML elements supported by the plugin are:

  • Hidden fields, dropdown menus.
  • data/time field, paragraph text block, etc.

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Drag and Drop

The drag and drop interface of WPForms displays a list of supported elements on the left side and a large rectangular interface on the right side. Drag elements you like onto the rectangular interface to create a form.

WPForms plugin

Responsive design

Forms generated by the WPForms plugins are mobile-friendly. They will look great on both desktops and mobile devices.

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Conditional logic

You may have come across websites having forms that hide/show fields when you select a specific option from the checkbox or the drop-down list. WPForms allows you to create these types of forms.

Example use : A advertiser would like to purchase an ad space on your website. You can make a dynamic form to display rates according the budget if you have multiple plans.

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Spam protection

Forms on websites are often targeted by spammers or spambots. Here are some of the reasons why the forms are always on the target of spammers:

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Backlinks: Spambots are designed to automatically fill the comment form by entering a valid website URL in the website field, fake name in the name text field, and gibberish description in the text-area field. After filling these fields, the bot will submit the form for a nofollow/dofollow link to the user’s site.

Kill your website’s rank: The Google Panda algorithm deranks websites with duplicate content. After a major Google algorithm change, if a spambot posts duplicate comments to your website and you do not take action on them, your website’s search engine visibility may be affected.

. The WPForms plugin uses Google Recaptcha technology and Honeypot technologies in order to stop spamming on your website.

WPForms plugin advanced fields


The WPForms plugin lets you accept payments made with PayPal and Stripe. This feature allows you to accept donations to your project, or to take orders using a WPForms form.

Offline forms

You can configure the forms created by WPForms to save the form data to the user’s computer/laptop during an internet connection failure and transfer the data to the server when their connection is restored.

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Form locking

Want to disable a form on a specific date? You want to limit access to forms to registered users only on your website? These and other tasks can be accomplished easily with the WPForms plugin’s Form Locking addon.


No matter what type of form you design/create with WPForms, you can embed the form on the page or the post of your choice without making changes to the single post/page template. The form can be displayed in a widget by setting up WP.


Many times, you may receive an email from a person claiming to be an employee of a large organization or from a country he/she has never visited. You can search for such users using WPForms by looking at their geolocation data.

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Integration with popular services

WPForms supports integration with the following third-party mailing/newsletter services:

  • Constant Contact, MailChimp.
  • Aweber, and GetResponse.

Pricing, Documentation, and support

WPForms pricing

The WPForms plugin offers four premium plans – Basic, Plus, Pro, Elite. Priced at $39.5, the basic plan is the cheapest plan of WPForms. The Plus plan is the second-cheapest. It costs $99.50. The Pro and Elite plans cost $199. 50 and $299. 50 respectively. This plugin’s developers offer ticket-based customer service. You can create support tickets if you have any product-related questions or doubts. What happens if you don’t like the product? WPForms offers a money back guarantee. Within 14 days of purchasing a subscription, you must contact the support team to get a refund.

See the WPForm price comparison table here

The WPForms website has a documentation section where you’ll find 50+ tutorials related to the WPForms plugin. This documentation teaches you how to install the plugin and also provides step-by-step instructions for creating a powerful/attractive form.


Easy to use: Creating forms or customizing them is easy with the WPForms plugin. WPF provides a drag-and-drop form builder utility. It doesn’t require users to edit or write PHP code.

Many features WPForms includes every feature a good form-builder plugin should have. It can automatically delete spam. This plugin allows you to set up locks, accept payment, create forms for third-party newsletter services, and more.


  • None.

Final thoughts

WPForms is a feature-rich and easy-to-use form builder plugin for WordPress. Drag and drop functionality allows you to create beautiful forms in a matter of minutes.